Blakoe 'Tryout'

I have been considering buying a Blakoe ring, but was rather put off the idea by the price, and bearing in mind it might not be activated by my sweat, or have any effect .

In the UK we are not blessed with the wealth of stores like those of you in the U.S. So I have been looking around to try and make an experimental mock up

The thought occurred to me that coins having different metals in each value might provide the electrodes. However when I tried to use English coins in a bath of salt water there was only a couple of microvolts - It wouldn’t even register microamps on my AVOmeter.

Eventually I found a couple of foreign coins, a Spanish 1 peseta, and a French 20cent piece, which after being cleaned with vinegar (very essential) gave me 0.5 volts

I tried this as a ring using a length of elestic tape to bind them to the top side off my dick and at 180 degrees bottom side of my dick under my balls.

After a while I felt a tingling in my feet! This moved up my legs and they became slightly warm.

I went to sleep with this on and woke up about 3am with an almighty erection.

After feeling some pleasurable length and width I went to sleep but the whole thing came apart. (the contraption that is - not my Dick!)

So I have just completed MkII. This consists of an old vacuum cleaner rubber belt which just happens to fit nicely round both my cock and balls. - No I didn’t buy it as a cock-ring but to hold my apartment keys when I go swimming at the nudist site in S France, - where I’m going for my hols. in 3 weeks time-He He!!

Hrrrmmph! Back to the subject. The new idea is to use some medical sticking plaster to wrap ¾ round the drive belt and then secure the coin by sticking the two ends of the plaster on the back-side of the coin . The face of the coin is turned to the middle of the unit and will make contact with the dick. The other coin goes on similarly at 180 degress to complete the circuit. The FACE of the coin is the part contacting my dick - not the face! on the coin.

I’m wearing it now and there is a definite tingling along the inside of my Dick so shall see what the MKII can produce tonight!

I hope this might be helpful to anyone who wants to try the effect of the principle of an electric current before forking out a lot of money for something which might not work for them.

As you can imagine there are various, alternative ways of holding the coins in place, depending what you have in the odds and ends box. But remember, you must use coins of different metal. I think the Peseta is aluminium, and probably the French coin is copper or brass. But they must be CLEAN. 1. to ensure there is metal in contact with you, and 2. to get rid of any bugs, bunnies, or barnacles on the coins.