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Black spots on penis

Black spots on penis

Hey guys,

Since starting the Newbie Routine, I’ve always had black spots on my penis. I never really worried about them and continued as normal with the routine.

Now they are starting to hurt slightly when I touch them. They are little bumps that look like blood almost, mainly near the bottom of the shaft.

Should I continue with the Newbie Routine and just wait for them to go or should I take some time off and if so how much time ? I really don’t want to lose my gains. This is the only negative effect so far, gains are coming fast and wood is good. If I do take time off will I lose what I’ve gained ?


Anytime you have “spots” on your penis regardless of color, and pain is involved, go see a Doctor. Yes, you should stop PE until you find out what is going on.

What you described almost sounds like blood blisters on your penis. But I’m no doctor so like strokerace69 said you should see one and stop the PE in the meantime.

I'm no rocket surgeon,but I always think twice before I give it a second thought.

I agree with them, you shouldn’t feel pain while doing PE, so stop some time until your penis recovers. Going to see the doctor is a great idea.

Luck with that mate, maybe is not something too important, but seeing a doctor should be a must if that spots don’t go by themselves in two or three days of rest. And don’t worry about your gains, you can stay four or five days if you must without PE and still you won’t lose anything, and if that’s the case you will recover what you lost quickly enough.

What is more important, loss your gains or loss your penis.

Just kidding. Of course you have to take a rest for 2 or 3 days, and I think they will disappear. If they don’t, you have to see a doctor as the guys suggested.

I have this too man and had been wondering what the hell it was. I only have two of them and they are located on the hair follicles at the bottom of my shaft.

I don’t know what this is but it doesn’t hurt.

Anyone else experienced this as well?

Actually mine are black DOTS not spots. They are inside the hair follicle, could this just mean, that I’ve clogged a pore like a blackhead?

Dunno, it’s usual the appereance of red sports through the shaft, mainly before the glans, in a hard session of jelq. But they fade away within a 15 minuts or so. I shave my pubic hair because I don’t want problems like that, they cause skin irritation too.

If they are in the hair follicle it’s probably nothing to worry about.

Take up to a week off PE and if they are still not gone you should have some more experienced members replies by then anyway.

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