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Black Newbie here ;-)


Originally Posted by Kegelman
Welcome “D” I am going to be 50 next month and more times than I care to mention, women have made hurtful and rude comments about my size. I know they don’t mean to be cruel, but that did not keep me from having very low self esteem in that category. This site has been so helpful for me in that regard. Although I am a newbie too, already I feel better about myself and am looking forward to what the future may bring. Good luck with your exercises and be careful.

Welcome Kegelman, and thanks for sharing your experience. Best wishes to you to in your PE endeavor.

I wish I had some black in me. Black people have more soul than white people. Ever hear about the story when an African-American was on an expedition back in the colonial days and a Native American chief asked him if he would bang all the women in his tribe because the darker your skin, the stronger your soul?

In it for the long run (and the long one!).

Hey D-Nice… welcome to the forum.

Now you can start on getting massive and confounding all the smart-arses. Don’t tell them what you’re up to though, just let them wonder.

HTSack, “Black people have more soul than white people.” Does that mean that white people have more soul than asians then?

I’d heard there may be some blacks with more soul but on average we pretty much all had the same amount of soul. Except for the outer reaches of the bell curve of course.

See Ya,


Hey D-Nice

First of all Welcome to the forum. I am very sorry for your situation, but you know as well as I that suicide is not the answer.

Did I understand you correctly, you have blood flow issues but you still can get erect. A pump will help with your bloodflow. Take a look in the pumpers forum for assistance with that. There is a shit ton of information all over this place just keep reading.

I would hesitate to tell you to do some hanging but there are alot smarter guys around here than me when it comes to that and they may advise otherwise after they know more of whats going on.

This is a great bunch of guys so read on and ask anything. Someone will jump in I assure you.

Take care and good luck with your gains.


You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

Welcome aboard DN.. I am sure that you will find this place to be not only very helpful in attaining your PE goals, but I’m sure you will enjoy the social atmosphere. :)


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