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Bizarre flaccidity problem

Bizarre flaccidity problem

I have been PE’ing now for about 2 months, and at beginning of my routine, I incorporate what I call length xtenders, which are essentially manual stretches. However, as of late, I’ve had this strange inability to do these stretches, because my penis gets too full of blood too easily, i.e. making it impossible to stretch my flaccid penis because its getting to engorged.

The following are my theories as to why this is happening, though I’m looking for any ideas too:

a) possibly my recent penis pumping has induced a kind of permanent fullness
b) I am taking herbal supplements that are beginning to really kick in and induce blood flow in the shaft without much effort on my part

Anyway, …….. does this problem comport with anything anyone has ever experienced?

Why do you call stretches ‘length xtenders’? I asked this before but you didn’t answer. Its not helpful if everyone uses different descriptions for the same thing, just confuses people.

I don’t see why having a greater volume of blood in the penis is problematic, what exact problem are you having?

Is this truly flaccid or partially erect? If this is the problem and you are losing grip, the expansion of the CC/CS can make a grip more tricky but look at what you are using to create a grip, you probably just need a better mechanism.

If you are doing lots of short stretches try replacing this with longer hold stretches they have a tendency to decrease the chance of erection.

Herbal supplements that make you horny will tend to increase the liklihood of an erection (partial or otherwise).

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Thanks for your response. Also, I got back to you about the length xtender question: its in your private mailbox.

You are correct in how you ask your question. I now believe it is a partial erect problem, as I suspect I may have either a) induced some tissue damage, or b) have a buildup of lymphatic fluid in my penis—either one, or something else of course, possibly due to heavy pressure penis pumping.

In my initial post, I stated my problem as a partial fullness in my penis in the flaccid state, thus inhibiting my ability to do A-stretches, V-stretches, or length xtenders (as I put it—essentially any manual pulling). Well, I now characterize my problem as a partial insensitivity in my penis, and somewhat of an inability to become as rock hard erect as I’m used to—and at same time, having this strange flaccidity problem, but who the hell cares because the other night I was trying to have sex, and I just completely lost my erection about 2 minutes into it. Shit, talk about scary.

Now, I’m freakin out a little bit wondering if I have done some damage from penis pumping, BECAUSE this is the only thing that I have done differently over past month or so, having not noticed anything but rock solid erections following ordinary PE prior to that point.

Anyway, I’m suspending my penis pumping for awhile, and in meantime incorporate your idea as to long stretching. Thanks.

Length xtenders is what stretches are called in Brandon Reece’s guide.

Try masturbating before stretching.


Try the longer hold stretches, see if they make a difference.

Its a strange thing PE. We spend all this time concentrating on our dicks, and that in itself can cause problems, things that are perfectly normal can seem abnormal and its possible to start worrying about things that we really shouldn’t.

Its very easy to convince ourselve that something is wrong and then everything falls apart.

Don’t worry.

Some people have complained that manual stretches effect their ability to get a decent erection and if after you have experimented you are still having a problem it might be worth taking a break from them to assure yourself that everything is OK.

I don’t think I’ve read about anyone having pumping cause problems but I’m sure someone has written it somewhere.

One thing, don’t PE immediately before having sex. Give your penis a couple of hours to recover, that always helps.


Yeah the PM explained it to me. Simple manual stretches down,left,right in a set.

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Not for nothing, but a few weeks ago when I dabbled with my new Penimaster only two or three times (three nites in a row, for an hour a piece), I noticed more intense, harder, and more frequent erections. I know this may sound crazy, and I get those random hard-ons all the time, but just those few uses must have stimulated everything, because noticably for almost a week I was getting more erections, and they felt harder to me…..and I hadn’t touched the device the whole while since that third time. I asked the woman one night and she agreed it noticeably felt different (better).
Just my $.02. Good luck to you.

- DeViz

Well, my concern about my flaccidity has taken me on an interesting evolution of thought, thanks in large part to the input from everyone here. I just started a new thread (“JES Extenders”), and, DeViz, I’m looking real hard at getting a stretcher.


What supplemets are you taking? Do they really increase blood flow?

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