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Bit of a problem


Bit of a problem

Finished my second week of PE on Friday, but when waking up on Saturday I felt a bit of a pain..

I haven’t posted on this forum before but I know generally what I’m doing

I warm up for 10 minutes
Stretches 5 minutes
75 wet jelqs
10 minutes warm down.

On a Monday, Wednesday, Friday routine.

It’s just below the head of my penis, it’s not excruciating or something I would describe as painful but I know it’s there? Any idea what it could be, I didn’t feel like I’d overworked on the day.

I’ve left it for today, to recover, I’d have expected it to subsided by now but it hasn’t. I’ll start again on Wednesday if it’s gone but if not I may wait till the start of next week.

Any ideas what this could be, I think I’ve probably overworked and have some kind of bruise but it isn’t really visible at all, if anything it’s around the head/top of the shaft area. I’ve been drinking plenty of water, protein, minerals and nutrients etc. To help speed recovery.

Thank you for your help!

Does the pain augment when you touch the area?

Not particularly, but it feels sensitive. It’s not a really significant pain though

If you don’t have erection issues and there are signs of bursted vessels, I can just guess it’s a skin irritation or a little cut, so little that you can’t see with naked eye. If you are worried, speaking with a Doc could be a good idea.

Definitely no erection problems, my EQ has never been particularly high but I get morning erections frequently.

It’s not a skin irritation or cut, if anything I could describe it as an internal irritation as it’s definitely inside my penis. I think it will go with time I’m just being cautious it’s stuff like this that makes me want to give up on PE.

It’s Internal, it feels itchy and irritating. Slightly painful but not significantly so. That’s how I could describe it, I even looked at urine infections because it seemed a bit like that at the head of my penis where it meets the shaft, but it definitely isn’t.

If I had burst some blood vessels what would be the effects?

None of them look like it’s what I have, I’m 18 I haven’t had a natural growth spurt for over 2 years now however.

I looked at what you sent me, and one thing that is now a concern is that along the top of my penis shaft I have a vein that becomes very prominent when I jelq. I only do 75 jelqs and have significant rest so I can’t see how I’ve actually over worked. If I push on my penis I can see this vein very prominently, I won’t if that’s the problem now.

On second thoughts, I think it’s a bit of paranoia thinking that the vein is the problem. It’s always been like that and I can’t imagine it’s any different now. It doesn’t feel as if it’s on the foreskin but internally anyway, if it doesn’t subside I might tell my doctors about the vein.

I’m considering buying some L-arginine tomorrow to help speed recovery.. Do you think this would help?
Also, I’ve been warm rapping and moisturising also to help recovery.

I don’t think any supplement will speed up recovery that much, honestly. I don’t think you have a nerve damage, if this is what your suspecting. Speaking with your Doc is a good idea, but I don’t think you have any serious injury. The only think I can imagine is a bit of urethral irritation where you grab your penis when stretching.

Rest for some days, anyway, and keep us updated.

Definitely, thanks alot for the help. I won’t see my doctor just yet because I know myself it isn’t that serious. I saw my doctor once before with a problem from PE (Obviously I didn’t tell her that it was from PE) but all it turned out is I needed rest and that was fine.

It does feel like a urethral irritation along the urine track, I’m confident that it might be that now. Will keep you updated and I hope it will be fine.

It may be some mild phlebitis in a superficial (read: above or on the surface of Buck’s Fascia, or just under the skin) blood vessel. Phlebitis is irritation of the veins/arteries/capillaries, caused by trauma or disease. There need not be any clotting or embolism associated with uncomplicated phlebitis. The surrounding nerves can be highly irritated by mild phlebitis.

It may be that a tiny capillary or vein burst, but is not visible. Some people get them in their hands after vigorous clapping.

It could also be a nerve slightly compressed/irritated by localised inflammation.

I find that if a jelq stroke pinches too much blood right at the ridge of the glans, I may get some soreness there.

If it continues for more than a week, you might consider going to your GP, or Urologist and requesting an ultrasound, to see if there is any significant damage to internal penile structure.

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It may be that if one hasn’t any clue of what could be may do better avoiding putting bad ideas in the head of a worried guy, because it may cause bad anxiety issues that may be very bad for the penis of the poor guy.

Thinking about it, for some extra information..

I remember on the Friday night I went to the toilet and I got a pain while urinating.. It doesn’t hurt now, but at the time it hurt for a few minutes afterwards on the day. The next day I got this feeling, they’re probably related but I’m not sure how to describe it.

IF, and I repeat IF, you are describing what I think you are, that is a itchy feeling deep in the tissues, and a sensation that seems to involve the urethra, then you are describing what I have found to be indicators that a growth spurt is happening.

I have read many others describe that internal itching feeling and also have come to associate it with a growth spurt. The description you use is basically identical to what others post and how I would describe it.

Take 2-3 days off. Be sure to remember what your routine was for the 5 or so workouts before it showed up.

As far as the vein, I cannot say as this is not part of the itchiness that I am talking about.

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That’s a bit more positive :)

My routine is very light,

Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays, with those other 4 days off.

10 minutes warm up, I make sure I’m properly warmed up often doing more than 10 minutes.
5 minutes of stretching, up down forwards and each side. 30 seconds each.
75 wet jelqs
10 minutes warm down, often towel rap and then I have a bath immediately afterwards.

Anything else I can think of.. I guess when I was jelqing I jelqed on a too hard erection? I remember right at the start of the jelq I was too hard so I waited it to go down a bit and started again? Am I supposed to let the erection completely go or just go down a bit in intensity?

Anything else I can think of.. I guess when I was jelqing I jelqed on a too hard erection? I remember right at the start of the jelq I was too hard so I waited it to go down a bit and started again? Am I supposed to let the erection completely go or just go down a bit in intensity?

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