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Bit of a problem


Do you think applying a hot rap, or rice sock (I think these are known on this site) to the area for a prolonged area of time with sooth it a bit and speed recovery?

-Let the erection go down just some in intensity, not all the way down and then back up to a level you want.

-I have no idea if heat would help recovery.

-You may also want to check to see if your grip for the stretching is bruising deep tissues. I did exactly that early on by pinching it too hard to pull for the stretch.

I wouldn’t worry too much about such a light sensation as you describe. It is good you noticed, and are concerned, but I wouldn’t worry about permanent damage. Just let it rest if you want, or not if you think it is a good sign rather than bad.

I have no way of describing or advising you how to determine if the itching is a good or bad sign. It is totally up to you and your penis to decide.

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