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BiggieSize Pre-Flight Checklist. Need Input

BiggieSize Pre-Flight Checklist. Need Input


First I would like to thank all of you who are on this forum — I have been lurking on this forum for over two years now and have learned quite a great deal from all of the members on this site. It still amazes me at how much progress has Been made in the community over this period of time and really disappoints me that I had not started sooner. In any case, thank you all for the information that you have already given me and the information that you will no doubt provide in the future!

Now, to start off, Id like to introduce myself to you all — I am 23 years old and have recently started a phase of my life where I am very committed to making my body the temple that it deserves to be. As part of this commitment I am trying to improve on my body and appearance in any and all ways possible. This includes working out, dressing better, skin care, improving my hygiene, and of course.. Some good old fashion penis enlargement. I have always been very self conscious of the size of my penis and this has only increased as I have gained weight and increased the size of my fat pad thus hiding the minimal length I do have. Reading this forum over the last two years and seeing all of the success that members have enjoyed has made me very jealous and ready to commit to a routine for the long haul. I want everyone to know that I am not expecting gains overnight and am willing to put in the work it takes to get the big gains and cement them.

All of that aside, the purpose for this thread is somewhat of a “pre-flight checklist” on my first (serious) foray into PE. I have assembled a list for myself detailing all the actions I would like to take prior to actually starting PE. Please do me a favor and give me some criticism on this list and especially point anything out that I may be missing.

1. Read and review all newbie threads - DONE
2. Take Initial Measurements and record (BPEL, NBPEL, BPFSL, EL, EG, FG)
3. Set goal for myself
4. Use the following thread to accurately measure and record LOT Bib’s LOT Theory 101
5. Take initial pictures in same form as lil12big1’s pictures and save for posterity sake :) (maybe even post in the members section)
6. Create spreadsheet to record routing performed each day as well as a space for recording results every two weeks
7. Go Shopping! Need to get some measurements tape and some rice for making my hot wrap

Also, I have a couple questions -
Q1: Are there any other measurements that you believe I should record?

Q2: How often do you all recommend taking measurements? I had seen many people say around 2 weeks but I wanted to make sure.

Q3: How long should I stay on the Newbie routine? Id like to go into hanging because I have the time to do it and I wanted to know when this would be appropriate

Let me thank all of you ahead of time for at least taking at look at my thread and I appreciate any feedback that you can give me. I can’t wait to start building a new me!


Hi Biggie,

Welcome to the forum. Seems like your checklist is thorough.

A1. Recording measurements is maybe a matter of how anal you are :) You are recording all the useful measurements for progress but you might want to add Glans girth and length, girth just before the glans, and base girth - if you are interested in plotting possibly changing shape as well as size.

A2. 2 weeks sound fine. Remember to take a couple of days off from PE before logging a measurement you intend to rely on.

A3. The best thing with the Newbie Routine is to stay on it until it stops working. How would you feel if you follow the Newbie Routine for 2 months (a good minimum), gain well, switch to hanging and stop gaining?

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Instead of working on this very accurate list I would have started right away with the newbie routine and follow it for 3 months.

You do know, that this stuff works, you do know that you want a bigger penis so let’s get started and enjoy the process!

I wouldn’t go into any more details, you know more than enough to reach your goal, just stay consistent.

Memento, thank you so much for your reply — All of your answers make a great amount of sense especially on following the newbie routine until it stops gaining. I did have one question for you though; I am planning on recording my glans girth and length like you suggested, however what do you believe is an accurate repeatable measurement for the girth of the glans? I was thinking just at the widest part but do you recommend taking the measurement erect or flaccid?

Gentle Giant : My purpose of the checklist was just to make sure that I am starting PE and giving myself the best chances of success. It only took a couple minutes together and it’s always helpful to have such a list. Of course this is coming from a someone who is a project manager for a living. Thanks for your comments though, I’m starting tomorrow! :)

Thank you again!

>what do you believe is an accurate repeatable measurement for the girth of the glans?<

It’s a hard one. All these measurements are subject to error, it’s up to you to minimise the room for it. Maybe record glans girth erect and at the widest point.

You will find a lot of variation in flaccid size.

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