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Bigger sperm load

Bigger sperm load

How can I have a bigger sperm load?I’m happy with what I have actually, but it would be nice with bigger loads(-; It’s just something that turns me on alot, cumming all over a girls face is so sexy,damn!hehe

Hope you can help me guys, and I would like it to be all natural methods of course, things that make my body produce more sperm for example,vitamins.things like that?I don’t know,you tell me(-: thanks again

I can’t say from experience, but I read somewhere that pinapple and kiwi fruit make your load bigger and it tastes better.

Others have reported L-arginine can help give bigger loads. I’m tempted to give it a try.

Zinc is a good supplement too for increasing sperm volume.

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1. You guys aren’t using the terminology correctly. Sperm are the little swimmer cells that can make a girl pregnant. Semen is the fluid that carries the sperm out of your body.

2. Search for “semen” and limit it to “titles only” on the advanced search page and you’ll get about 30 threads to pick from. Not all are about increasing semen volume, but several are including this one: Increase Semen Vol Suppliment report card.

1. Actually, it’s “sperminology”.

2. I’m against experimentation with all sorts of supplements other than a good mulitvitamin, and I think that better health will lead to better body fluid regulation. A bigger load comes from an overall better state of physical health. The main things to consider are:
- Getting a large amount of protein in your diet
- Drinking enough water (about 1 liter per day)
- Getting enough vitamins (taking a quality multivitamin once or twice a day should do it)
- Eating a balanced diet (lots of sweet/acidic fruits and green leafy vegetables)
- Getting lots of physical exercise and rest
- Limiting your ejaculations (that is, jerking it less). Try to masturbate as little as possible (try for a maximum of once a week, if you must masturbate at all).

These things seem to work for me, I’ve noticed a huge increase in the amount I spill over the past few months since I’ve been really serious about health and dietary stuff, might work for you too if you’ve got the patience.

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Originally Posted by xamaranthx

- Limiting your ejaculations (that is, jerking it less).

Time-consuming, but definitely best way for increasing semen volume, IMO :-,

There is a product named Ejaculoid which you can buy on ebay. Body builders swear by this product. Also eating 2 to 3 heads of celery a week does increase semen volume.

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