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Bigger really better

Oh yeah kaan you’re right about the last words !

Anyway I aint slowin down until I reach my all time goal, which is 8 x 6. Like somebody says in his sig : give me a fuckin inch or give me death !! (Lool funny but true).

Right now I’m seein improvements in the way ma dick hang flaccid, still workin on the erect tho (my stats in my signature)

Bitches-n-Sex make the world go 'round

Real Long, Real Large, Real Strong *that's how I want mine*

Now : 7.08" (18cm) ---> My Goal : 8" (20cm)+

It’s a logical thing, woman (generally inmature) knows that thing ruin a life of a man, and make jokes about, and we fearing that, want a 15” dick to make that bitch puke and shut the hell up, It’s the same thing on the other side, if your girl have the butt of your dreams for her will never be enough, for most that you truly love that butt, she will always look on her friend’s butt and say “mine butt sucks”, and that’s the savage world, why I want a car the value 1 million?? Because I want to show my friends, my GF always get hurt with my dick but I want a 8” (this places addicted me, now I want a 9x8”) because I want to say to my friends “I have a 9” cock, I am the man!” hehehe

Uhhhhhh………….arguing about the optimal or ideal dick size will never end. Just get over it !!!!!

Oh no. No that again.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Why is there so much bashing on women that might make a derogatory comment on a guy’s penis, woman can make their comments, men certainly do. Granted, it is not the most sensitive thing to tell a guy his johnson is a breakfast treat but guys do it all the time about women. That being said, I considered myself woefully small before PE; even though some woman commented that it was big, I was 6 x 5 at the time.

I was wondering how long it would take for that penis size site to come back up.

Funny thing is. When I first read through that site I came out feeling very insecure.
But now I don’t feel anything near as bad as I how I felt back then when I read through it now.
This has got to be a testimony to Thunders and PE and its aide in personal growth and maturity (at the risk of sounding cheesy)

Originally Posted by kaan
There is another lie too: “Size doesn’t matter”

Well, that’s only partially true. As long as you can have penetrative sex with it, it’s up to your skills.
You can own a huge dick but be the worst lover ever. You know.

How about “size when it matters” for example a 7 incher or whatever is well enough to satisfy a woman (look at 7 inches on a ruler.. Huge!) but apart from that being well hung being a good refexion of your virility can only be good for the ego in all ways so I suppose it matters to the owner

To women it is not the penis so much it’s the man attached to the penis.It is also the quality of the erection, is it soft big or hard big?

Maybe I’m too big now, 7.80nbp by 5.6 8.25 bp

I think anal is scary.

"Well, people from Tennessee are generaly good at whatever it is they do even though they usually have no clue what they're doing."


Originally Posted by MatuteMorales
I think anal is scary.

Some girls love it, some run from it. I’ve heard from girls talking that after you get used to it, it becomes really good.

Is SEVEN INCHES really big?. It kind of looks small to me I’m currently .3inches away from 8 and I still thinks it looks small :-( .

I don’t know why do you guys do PE, but in my case I do for myself and not only for the girls

When I was a kid, my “friends” used to bully me saying that I was tiny and stuff because I’m an asian and I’m sure this penis size thing still bugs me. Ladies were always more sympathetic in these aspects with me =] ; I just desire to be big/huge and that’s all =]

Originally Posted by redbaronjm
Is SEVEN INCHES really big?. It kind of looks small to me I’m currently .3inches away from 8 and I still thinks it looks small :-( .

yeah dude, I know what you mean. I’m almost 6” and I feel tiny


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