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Bigger penis higher chances of getting girl pregnant?

Bigger penis higher chances of getting girl pregnant?

What do you think, does having sex with well endowed guy increase chance/risk of getting pregnant? Let’s see this situation. There is a party and there is nice girl, there are also 3 nice guys. That girl takes each guy to the bedroom to have sex. Let’s say two guys are average 5.5x4.5 but the last one is 8x6.5 . 2 weeks later girl finds out she is pregnant. Do all 3 guys have 33.3% chance to be a father of that child? What do you think? Lets assume that they all have the same semen quality etc. Please just focus on penis size.

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In this case, I’d have to say that size doesn’t matter. Maybe who went first would though.

Wish I knew this when I was a young man! I can no longer accept the things I cannot change. It’s time to change the things I cannot accept!

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The glans of the penis supposably act as a type of plunger to try and remove the previous persons sperm to try and ensure impregnation by the most recent person. This would be by design through evolution. However, the sticky coating of semen is meant to allow to the sperm to stay in place, so to speak, so it does not fall out of the vagina. However, all things equal the size of the guy really gives no significant advantage in terms of impregnating a female other than for aesthetic(?) purposes; which are mute if all guys in the scenario are clothed prior.

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Their sperm motility would be the biggest factor.

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That. And, from a prophan point of view, it would make more sense that the glans could act instead as a brush (badge?), so being smaller would actually give more chances to the shortest first guy.

If you are long enough to press right up against the cervix, I think that increases chances of pregnancy. Remember, when you cum, you want to push in hard right? Press right into the cervical opening and ejaculate hard INTO the uterus, that can shoot sperm into the Fallopian tubes! Also during female orgasm, the cervix tends to open a bit more…put those two together it should mean a big dicked guy making a girl cum hard= better chance of pregnancy!

At least that makes sense to me!

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The shape of the penis head acts like a separator or mover and scooper of sort, I guess. The pressure of the head going in would push the semen around the head behind the glans, and the glans would take or scoop it back or out of the way making room for that persons sperm to be implanted at the cervix instead. This could possibly be like a brush effect in a sense.

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