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Bigger not always better


Yes, they are woman who like to feel pain/pleasure during sex I have met those kind of girls as wel…

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Everyone is really ragging on howsithanging. So what if his wife mentioned that? He also talked about how she said other positive things about the guy besides his penis size. I’m glad he and his wife have a relationship that’s strong enough and intimate enough to talk about these sorts of things without getting upset with each other. Many people on this site have talked about bringing up PE to their significant others and it made their relationship stronger. In some situations their wife told them just how much more they’d like them to gain and it just got the men more excited and dedicated to their routine. Her saying she’d go back with an ex who was a good guy and had a big penis is equivalent to her saying they didn’t break up on bad terms. Maybe it was even a hint to howsithanging that she perfectly supports him if his goal is 9 inches in length. Some tiny sign of saying he wouldn’t be scaring her off even though it was one of the reasons it didn’t work out with her ex.


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