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Bigger Head!

Bigger Head!

Hi im new here, but have been learning about pe for the last year. Finally getting motivated after finding this forum. Great cite. Any way this has probably been done allready but if not here is what ive found. Its done kind of like a uli. I get simi erect, grab the base of my penis with my left hand, do a pc flex to get more blood flow and clinch the fist to trap the blood in. Then I clamp my middle finger, pointer finger and thumb on my right hand to squez as much blood as i can into the head of my penis with pressure being applied from the bottom to the top. I hold for about 10 seconds. I could not believe how big my head got!! Try this one.


Welcome to Thunders,

thanks for the tip, I do a squeeze very similar to the one you described, I agree it really gets the head enlarged. I think it has increased the head size but it is kind of hard to measure the girth because of the “helmet shape” at least for me.

By the way you will need to check out the forum guidelines on spelling, capitalizing etc.

Glad you’re on board.

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