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Bigger balls

Bigger balls

I’m new here as you can tell, I’m somewhat satisfied with my dick size, but I have small balls, anyone (not any1) have any suggestions (besides injecting, pumping, hanging) that I can do to make my balls bigger?

No idea dude, to be honest I wouldn’t wanna fool around with the cum factories anyhow, all I can suggest is do your kegels and be glad your small balls are making quality swimmers

I have heard stretching them might work. You know, pulling them down to make them hang lower. I have seen a lower hang by doing this, but make sure your pulls are firm but not painful (you still want kids, I bet)

Where is it exactly you pull from?

Leave Balls Alone

A well placed kick from a size 12 steel cap boot does the job. Outside of that don’t stuff around with them. Their size, location, proximity to the rest of the body; it’s all a well tuned system.

Marcus j - you don’t pull from anywhere. Don’t mess with the suspension. Apparently if you are not born with a long travel suspension here, you can’t modify and expect to bottom out when you need it. You taddies get too cool and can’t do the swim.

I guess there are 2 different things here: the size of the ball and the size of the bag. You can adjust the size of the bag, but you cannot adjust the size of the ball. Even this can damage your load, cause you will bring the ball further to the body and they will probably get too much colder for the swimmers.

I guess, you actually can’t do nothing about this.I do have this problem myself. My balls are small to medium size and the bag is designed very closed to my body. Sometimes, when I’m having sex, the balls goes inside my body. Sometimes in the evening they hang quite big but in the morning they prefer to stay inside my body. He he

I guess is nothing that we can do

Welcome to Thunder’s Place hungenigma. I’d suggest that you search the forums for previous threads on that topic. The search button is at the top of every page. Of course, since it’s a popular topic, you’ll probably get over 200 thread titles to look at. I could take my time to read through the list and pick out a few for you to read and create links for them here, but I’m sure you’d rather do that yourself.

Thanks for all the responses guys! Yea I will probably search thru (should have done that in the first place, heh) but after a few responses ill probably just leave them alone, heh

Another member on this board by the name of pheak got me on to scrotum enlargement. The diameter of the testicle can not be altered so don’t mess with that. But through exercising and massaging the scrotum you can diffinately get a better hang.

For example. At night when you get into bed and are warm and relaxed do this. Reach down with both hands. Gently pull you balls up to your stomack. Hold each ball to either side of your dick. The warmth of your hands will alert you brain that the testicles are warm and should stay were they are. I call this cuddling my balls. Hold this position gently until you fall asleep.

In the morning, after awhile, you will have a nice full juicy bag.

When wet jelqing grease up your sack as well. This keeps the sack warmer and the skin smoother. Make sure to wrap the entire package when you do the warm wrap.

You too can be in the billy goat club.:)

"Drunk chics dig me."

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