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Big Ugly Vein Thing


It’s been two months and the general external hard, guitar string vein is now more internal. For example, I cannot feel it during an erection or in a flaccid state unless I really try, but the minute I give a light stretch to the penis, then I can immediately feel it and it lasts from the top base of the penis until about 3/4 of the way down.

Any suggestions, ideas, or anything to help get rid of this?

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3/16/2008 16.5 BPEL 11.2 cm EG

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A thrombosis is a blood clot, which is why it feels hard. Overtime they may be resorbed but it is also may be permanent. In the small veins of your penis this is probably not a big deal as there is collateral circulation (though it could be for larger vessels or where there is no other circulation —> resulting in dead tissue).

Since you state that it was not hard another possibility is an aneurysm, which is when the walls of a vessel give way under pressure, damage or both —> this results in a bubble like effect. Again in small superficial veins this is probably not a huge deal. But it could rupture and cause some internal bleeding. Best to rest your unit as you only have one. If you have further concerns best hit up your local urologist.

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