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big problems stretching

big problems stretching

hi im a newb ive been strecthing and jelqing for about a month, virtually no results even hanging. if anything ive noticed that flacid im a bit smaller why is that did i harm something. ive tried swim cap hanger 7lbs. my lot says i should be stretching up so i did that , no results. jelqing has given some temporary girth maybe even alittle permanent but i need length thinking of buying one of those stretchers but theyre so damn expensive.

ive noticed the skin has streched but the penis seems to have got smaller now sometimes looks like a crushed pop can when cold lol because of longer skin ..what am i doin wrong please help, i may give up.

Originally Posted by kdog23
if anything ive noticed that flacid im a bit smaller

I would say yes you have done something. Take a look at the thread link “Sparyx’s PI (condensed) thread” in my signature. My advice to you would be to take a break for a little bit, then get back into it slooooooooooooooowly. Sometimes less is more. You’ll get the gains you want, I promise. Just don’t expect them right away. Take your time, and be gentle. You don’t have to rip your dick off to get gains. Start with the newbie routine for a while then slowly get back into the other exercises (newbie routine found in the newbie thread link in my signature)

Actually all four of those links are very good reads to help you acheive the best gains.


Oh, and Welcome to Thunder’s. This is a GREAT place. Everyone is willing to help so read read read.


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