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Big Glans affecting girth gains

Big Glans affecting girth gains

This is just a thought of mine. My normal MS EG is currently at 4 1/2. Glans CAN reach 6 girth when penis squeezed at base/kegelling. Thus it is safe to say that it has a large capacity for blood right?

Obviously, while jelqing I notice my glans getting the biggest expansion. So since my glans can fill up with so much blood I don’t feel the mid shaft gets as much workout as it can get because all the blood is going to the glans creating less internal pressure mid shaft.

Not sure if this makes any sense but this could be a reason why some people have a hard time getting girth gains from jelqing.

The glans is a separate part of the penis. Blood does not flow through the corpora cavernosa to the glans. See: 3corpora.jpg

Your “problem” is that the corpora cavernosa have a tough outer covering called the tunica albuginea. More pressure and time is required to expand this than the tissues of the glans and corpus spongiosum.

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