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Big girth gainers

Big girth gainers

I know that we can name bib, DLD and yguy ( sorry if a forget others ) as legends of lenght gains. And about girth gains ?? I can remember of aristocane and he’s clamping routine which helped him a lot. But do you think it’s possible to have the same girth gains as aristocane with only jelqings/squeezing ??

Sorry any english mistakes

Every penis is different. Some gain girth better, some gain length better. Jelqing is not an advanced routine to get a lot of girth, like clamping is. Here are some thread to read about advanced exercises on girth.

My Girlfriend said those lovely words…
Focus Your PE and Gain! TGC Theory
My New Squeeze

If you are a newbies (on PE also, not only on posting), better you stay with jelqs, lrbrasil.

You’ll have time to try clamping. Vets’ advice.

I did something like the Mr.Orange exercise yesterday and today my dick was .125” thicker.

I am a newbie too and I too do mainly Jelqing and stretching at the moment. I am already experimenting with some *light* clamping, something like only one 10-minute clamping session per PE day, even though the vet’s are against it. I do it to get used to the whole clamping thing, but I wouldn’t advice you to do the same! After three months, I will go ‘all out’ on the clamping because my Girth needs quite some work! ;)

Clamping can be quite dangerous if not performed correctly, and I am fully aware of that. Only try it if you’re absolutely certain that it’s worth the risk, and don’t forget your resting days! I do not perform PE on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

The last advice I want to give you is kegels. You really should incorporate them in your routine, probably five days a week. Start with doing 50 of them per day. Kegels can help to gain stronger erections, which in turn might lead to some additional girth or length, because of the increased blood flow. If not, it still is a good exercise to do for penile health.

My Stats:

THEN: BPEL: 5.39 inch || EG Base: 4.33 inch || BPFL: 3.23 inch || EG Mid: 4.1 inch

NOW: BPEL: 5.59 inch || EG Base: 4.33 inch || BPFL: 3.23 inch || EG Mid: 4.1 inch

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Good subject. But guys, I definitely think it is worth sticking to the manual stuff for some time do get conditioned and get as much gains as possible by increasing time and intensity. Before your dick toughens up on you. And then maybe after a year or so when the gains seem to really slow down start experimenting with hanging or clamping depending if you want girth or length.


You know, that sounds like a great advice to me! I think I’m going to leave the clamping alone for now, even though I’m not doing it much to begin with. :) But damn, I really want some tasty girth though! :P

My Stats:

THEN: BPEL: 5.39 inch || EG Base: 4.33 inch || BPFL: 3.23 inch || EG Mid: 4.1 inch

NOW: BPEL: 5.59 inch || EG Base: 4.33 inch || BPFL: 3.23 inch || EG Mid: 4.1 inch

Thanks for the answers guys

I got it. The mean reason is every penis is different, as every man is different. I just want you to know that I am not going to make any clamping routine yet. What I wanted to know is if it’s possible to gain a lot in girth just with manual exercises. Already answered.

I would be extremely happy if I could gain 2” in girth just with jelqings and squeezing, But only time, commitment and luck will answer my doubt.

Also search for Big Girtha’s threads— instructional as well as inspirational.

The purpose of the newbie routine isn’t just to ‘condition’ your dick— it’s also to familiarize yourself with your unit.

Until you begin the PE journey, your meat is simply an appendage that you piss and cum through.

Now you are engaged in a different relationship with it— and thus engaged in learning what you are feeling and what it means.

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