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Big gains ahead

Big gains ahead

I started about 4 months ago with fowfers and pulling upwards. My starting flaccid was less than 1”, however after using this routine on a daily basis I have cemented it to about 2”+. Also I have no “Loss of Tugback”, I can feel a pull in all directions and all degrees. For some reason I am in a constant state of tension, through my abdomen and groin and when I stretch the Tunica I can feel a give of about 1” or so in the direction I am pulling. It feels like I could make great gains through the Tunica, it stretches really well and I can feel quivers or strong vibrations in the area where I think the kegel muscle is.

My questions is, there is a deep indentation where my flaccid meets my fat pad almost as if the ligs are really straining to keep everything back, so should I concentrate on lig stretches, or focus more on Tunica work? And are there other ways of really stretching the side and top ligs without hanging? Also erect I’m about 6.15 in length and 5.34 girth. Are there gains in my future if I can get these muscles and ligs to relax?

Thanks to all the members for the great info.

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Hey there neewbbie,

Keep to the Newbie Routine.

A word about stretching:

The stretches don’t need excessive force. Use a similar approach as with stretching for a sporting event; stretch up until you feel a slight strain, and then hold it for 20-30 seconds and release. You are not trying to injure yourself.

Many here would say use the Newbie Routine until you exhaust all possibility of gains; in the meantime read up. You’ll soon have a feel for what makes sense and what doesn’t.

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