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Big balls


Big balls

Not bragging here guys but… I want to do the ball stretching. I like the ring system on Pumptoys. I did some measuring (the smallest ring you can fit both your balls through). I went up to 2.25” and it still wasn’t really comfortable. The rings on Pumptoys don’t even go up to 2” (first column).

I know I’ve got big ones. Do you know anywhere to get larger rings? Or other options?


What you got big balls? And you don’t fit into those rings? What size are ur balls?

As I said, I stopped measuring at around 2.25” and got frustrated because I couldn’t get one ball through my “test ring”. I’d guess I need 2.75” or 3” diameter rings. I probably need another method. I’ve read stuff about going to Home Depot.

Don’t use the stupid rings, just find a braided belt and stretch your sack out and wind the belt tightly around your scrotum. You can then twist the package clockwise and counterclockwise to apply a good stretch. You will have a nice hang in 2 weeks.

Good idea Bodie. Have to find a belt like that. What about an Ace bandage? One ball tends to retract though. Frustrating. I’m new at this.

Why would you want your balls to hang lower?

I find my balls tend to hang lower since starting PE.

I have heard a few people elsewhere also mention this, anyone else noticed this?

Damn. I wish I could exchange some of my testicle hang with somebody for some dick length.

I have big balls that hang quite low (about 4 - 4 1/2). They make my flaccid cock look small.

I know there is an operation for testicle hang reduction. It is something I would seriously consider one day when I can afford it, because they also get in the way.

BTW I am measuring that 4 - 4 1/2 from where my balls meet the underside of my cock.

An ace bandage does not really have the rigidity, you can get a braided belt anywhere, look in the gals department—-$3.95. The braided belt has the rigidity to stretch the sack and you can overlap on the wind to compensate for the stretch occurring. Your balls have to be outside the wind, you don’t want to cinch that belt around a testicle, thats not the kind of pain you want for gain. You should also do some isometrics with your bicep, grab that scrotal mass and do a preacher curl as hard as you can and hold (use both hands and hold for a count of 30sec/great for the sack and your Popeye part)

Thanks again bodie… I am going to get one of those belts. I thought the Ace bandage wasn’t working. I don’t get how you do a preachers curl with your sack since your sack is in the middle.

I thought a preachers curl involves placing your hands on either end of the weight bar and pulling up. You must mean grab your balls and pull up for 30 sec. ? Sure like the side effect of muscular arms!

Can you add separating/splitting balls to this?

I’ve been wearing one of the famous Thera-P wristwraps around my entire package for the past two weeks or so, day and night as much as possible, and my balls are much bigger, and hanging much lower. Before they were small and close to the body, no hang at all. Worth trying, I say. Rock and roll.

My balls are plenty big enough. Definitely bigger than most judging from the gym. I just want to add a little hang.

I tried to find a picture of the Thera-P straps. They weren’t to wide for you? Do you just get them at a drug store. They seem to be listed as having magnets?

So you wrap the strap around your entire sack and that weight pulls them down - sounds like this could work!

Hi xerix, your last post suggests that you think the magnets are heavy, but they are quite the reverse. They are almost as tiny as they could possibly be and weigh hardy anything at all, but the strap itself, if properly applied, will help. The magnets are just a bonus.

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The strap is about an inch and a half wide, I’d say, and if you’re just looking for hang it would probably be the perfect thing. Being as wide as it is, when you put it over your whole package, it forces the balls to stretch down. I’ve never tried putting it around balls only, but that may work even better. You can find them at Wal-mart if you’re in the states for under 10 dollars. The magnets don’t weigh much of anything, it’s the width of the strap that forces the stretch. I don’t know if the effect is permanent, but when I go without the strap my balls have been hanging pretty low. I would guess that continual use would lead to a permanent hang, but who knows. Worth a shot for the price, though. Anyway, good luck.


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