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Better way to Kegel

Better way to Kegel

Ok, I am new here and I have little to no experience in PE. If you are reading this as a newbie yourself don’t take what hypothesis as truth wait for someone who actually knows more about PE to confirm or dissuade it.

The muscle excercised using kegels is infact a muscle. The point of kegeling (is it a verb lol) is to strenghen this muscle. Now from my experience with body building, Strengthening muscles can come from just tightening and loosening the muscle, but comes even better, and growth comes from exerting an external force. Now to apply this to PE I was thinking this -

Things you’ll need: A face cloth, ability to achieve an erection, time

What to do: Fold the cloth over so that it forms a small rectangle (fold one way continuously - fold lengthways or widthways not both). Achieve an erection, and place this cloth over the head of the penis, then begin pushing the cloth up and down by kegeling. I figure this would be a more effective method. When a dry cloth becomes easy to kegel, begin dampening the cloth - this will add extra weight.

This may have been discussed already but there are so many threads on kegel that using the search function was quite futile. My appologies if this has been discussed already.

Other than that what do ye think of this method ? It wouldn’t have to be used solely maybe in the mornings with morning wood, or before bed, then normal kegeling could still be used throughout the day ?

It is very hard to come up with something new around here and this method has been around for a long time and it is a good one. Perhaps you could freshen it up by draping tea bags over your erection? :D

Lmao maybe I will, thanks for the reply he he

There’s a video floating around the ether of Peter North doing these exercises. He uses an open book though, not a cloth.

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