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Better newbie formula

Better newbie formula

I’ve recently had gotten alot of time on my hands, so I decided to experiment with PE sessions.

The formula I came up with, is basically a higher warm up time throughout the day. I spread out my PE into 2 sections a day. A stretching section and a Jelq section.

For example:

1st section:

5 minutes warm up (wet towel)
5-8 minute stretching
25 kegels
10 minutes warm down (rice sock)

2 section:

10 minutes warm up (sauna)
50 kegels
5-6 minutes jelqing
50 kegels
10 minutes warm down (sauna)

So basically, my newbie routine is the same as the original, but just a lot more warm up time. From experience, do you guys believe more warm up time suite better and faster PEing?

Hello codeevil1000,

I’m liking this idea of yours. I’ve thought about something like this before. Spreading or rather, breaking the routine to two different parts of the day. Also I’ve been thinking of heating throughout the routine which means warming up inbetween the sets of exercises. I’d like to be informed of your progress, so do keep us updated. Meantime I’ll wait for the more experrienced mods and vets to chime in.


I like this idea as well. I have been doing a really light newbie routine for like a month and a half and its brought me .25 inches in length and .375 inces in girth. I have noticed that if i don’t warm up very good my flaccid after PE is not as thick or long as when i get a good ten minute warm up and warm down. I think you will do good with it but keep us posted. :)


For sure guys,

So far, on my 5th day since restarting PE. I have seen a major increase of plumpness. It also seems to hang lower through the whole day. Veins seems to pop out more then normal.

Back when I did all my PE excerise at one session, my penis turtles after maybe an hour upon finishing. Also it wasn’t veiny.

I jelq in a personal sauna, and it seems to keep it plump and warm. I do kegel in between my jelq sets and it seems to enlarge my veins making them more visible.

Visible big veins = faster grow during jelq.

^ What I’ve read and believe.

Some other vets like remek think its better to cool down like splashing cool water but not to the extent of turtling so “freeze” the post pe hang. The heat after the workout keeps the penis elastic and like all elastic things might retract back to to the pre pe hang. I don’t know which is better but I’m sure both ways are effective.


This is from Memento’s thread, it might help you guys.

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

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