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Better grip? (tried everything).

Better grip? (tried everything).

My hands hurts when I stretch manual. I’ve tried paper toilet, babypowder, sock.
Nothing helps, I couldn’t go through the whole session today because of the pain I felt.

What should I do?

Try a “hook grip” like olympic weightlifters do, grab your index and long finger around your thumb.
You can also use your second hand to assist with the grip.

You can start lifting deadlifts in the gym and other grips strength exercises.

Or perhaps a different stretch or angle, “knuckle stretch” is an option to!
Or stretch over your own hand, like a untwisted mandingo, forgot the name, upward downward stretch or something like that.

good luck

Thanks for your post willywilly!

I’ve learned to relax my hands while stretching and alternating each hand as much as possible helps. Also agree with willywilly on changing grips and strengthen your hands and wrists.

I use baby powder, and don’t have to grip much at all while doing strong stretches. Are you circumcised?

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Grab yourself some plasticine and squeeze the crap out of it each day until your hands feel like they are on fire… then hit some protein. Try different ways to improve your grip strength and you will be an “iron PE’er”

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Originally Posted by hopeful2hanglow
I use baby powder, and don’t have to grip much at all while doing strong stretches. Are you circumcised?

Yes I am.

Many thanks for the advice about “hook grip”, ww.
It worked very good I had far less pain in the hands.


I have accidentally discovered how to get fantastic grip, wash you penis with a bar of soap, has to be a bar of soap, it makes your skin grip together superb.

Cool, I am glad to help Ritte88, I am using that “hook grip” to.

Alternate between hands before fatigue or pain to.

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