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Best way to vertically stretch

Best way to vertically stretch

So I know that one of the best way to stretch down is with hanging. Being that I have a low lot I want to do downward and upward stretching. I’ve tried an over the shoulder hang but I feel that because the weight is over my shoulders it doesn’t put as much trension on my unitr. Is this true or just my imagination. So I do manual upward stretches. I was wondering what is the absolute best method to stretch upwards.

Just expierment. You would be suprised at all the different ways you can do a upward stretch. For instance I have you can a lower chair and hang a weight over the top of a little taller chair to get a good upward stretch. You also have to adjust the little subtleies and feel it out, like the tightening screws on the hanger and changing the position of your body and angle of the stretch to find the sweet spot. If you find it, remember to remember exactly what your body position with your arms, legs, torso, etc, and remember the exact angle, how much string is over the chair, also the way you wrap and position of the hanger matters as well. I tyr to remember as many as these variables when expiermenting when I get a good hang so I can quickly get to that good upward stretch feeling again easily.

These are all good methods and I did think of the upside down hanging but figure it would cause all my blood flow to go to my big head. I am going to try to mimic that one dude who hung is whole body and used him arms to adjust the weight. It was a funny picure.

If only I had excersize equipment like in that picture, I could think up some crazy shit.

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