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Best way to measure

Best way to measure

Hi ya’ll

Just thought I’d share an idea to easily and very accurately measure your unit! Plus I can get another post in!

When using a tap measure or ruler it can be very hard to get an accurate measurement of your unit, but cutting a half inch wide peace of paper (better yet graph paper) then marking it with quarter inch lines has been work great for me. Plus the paper bends with the upwards curve in your unit very easily.

First, never use a “tap” measure. They make a small noise if everything else is quiet, but they are not very accurate.

You can hope for World Peace, but you will never find a “peace” of graph paper, I’m guessing. :)

Still, a good idea you have.

But reread what you write before you click Post Reply.

Work consistantly for it and you have a good shot at making whatever gains are your goal.



Good idea, wtf. Let me take it one step further. (This is a coincidence because I did it tonight for the first time.)

I used a little narrower strip of paper, probably more like 1/4”. Then I measured very carefully ( in my case, to my current goal of 5 1/8”) and cut it to length. Took a little bit of Scotch Tape and very carefully taped the two ends together, abutting one another.

Voila. Ring around the penis. Just put it on and forget it while get yourself hard, then see if you fill it out. It’s really quite accurate if you’re careful when putting it together. You don’t have to tie up one hand, interrupt getting yourself hard, and measurement anxiety is, well, gone.

If you can fill it out, congratulations — now make another one, maybe a 1/16” bigger.

Man, what you could do with a paper cutter. Just don’t get your pride and joy too close.

And yep, I hit the 5 1/8” so now I’m on to bigger and better strips!

M.L. Pony

"Never say neigh-h-h-h"

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