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best way to gage a good workout...

best way to gage a good workout...

I have been PEing for about a month now and I was just wondering if there was a good way to gage the sucess of a jelq session. Would it be spots maybe, or the donut effect, or a more bat-like shape? Also, often when I get the donut efffect it will be lopsided on the right. The right side of the donut will be much bigger than the left. I was wondering if anybody had any ideas as to why that might be. I switch hands on each jelq and try to maintain the same grip on both sides. I noticed that I seem to get the bat effect more when I make sure the jelq goes all the way to the bottom of the head, and the donut effect more when I leave room between the bottom of the head at the end of jelqs. I thought maybe it might because I was accidentally leaving more skin between my hand and my head on the right side. Any thoughts…


Welcome to the thunderzone,

The donut is due to lymp fluid built up. Sounds like you are prone to push the fluid into the area on the right for some reason.

A good workout might be indicated by that muscle fatigued feeling you get when you lift weights only this time it’s your dick. Granted your penis isn’t a muscle however the feeling is similiar.The red spot thing is due to pushing blood into area that don’t usually get as much. This effect goes away after a while maybe a couple of weeks and might return after very intense squeeze sessions .

Hope this helped.

IMO, you should make sure you can finish your sessions with a good erection. If you can’t, you’ve gone way too far.

Since a lot of guys here can get a good workout without either a doughnut or a baseball bat, I’m wondering if you aren’t pushing the limits a little.




I appreciate the help guys. I think you were right Avocet, because I changed my technique a little and toned it down a bit and I’m not getting the donut effect at all anymore. Anyway, thanks for the help

Same for me, I guess I am pushing to hard too, I will easy up a bit my routine, there’s no danger in donnut effect right??

Avocet8 Man explain me the little thin line in the PE, too much or too little, this is very hard to understand, what’s is much and what’s is little?

I’m with avocet, if your unable to get an erection, then you have over-trained and may need to ease up a bit. A good indicator for me has always been the next day flaccid hang. If I’m chubbing all the time I feel like I’m on the road to success. I also go without sex days on end so I can think about it throughout the day and achieve and instant hard on, or at least bring blood into the area. I believe that by doing this, I’m ensuring optimal blood flow at all times and helping the recuperation process.

START: 1/1/07 BPEL: 7.5 EG: 5.125

Short Term: BPEL: 7.75 EG: 5.25

Long Term: BPEL: 8.5 EG: 6.25

I also agree. I always try to make sure I can get some kind of erection after PE (even if it’s only a 90% erection), but the clincher for me, it seems is how I feel the day after, just like a body work out.

If my flaccid is weak, it’s another day off.

i do the same here freedman. it’s all about listening to your penis.

Agree seems to feel very toned after jelqing.. A question about getting an erection thats interesting because some lead you to believe you need to take some time out after excercises especially like jelqing for the blood vessels etc to recover, I have only done it twice this week I think you need breaks

Great post. I stopped the PE exercises for a few months, and I am just starting back. I have noticed the same signs of overworking. Thanks for the post.

I have been PEing for a month now also and I have had that sensation for about a week (on and off) Am I over working?

When I sit at work and my pants are bulging because my dick wants to keep this inflated state, and I get tendency to a hard on now and then all day long.. That’s what I judge a good workout.

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