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Best way of gaining girth?

Best way of gaining girth?

Hey people! I’m wondering what the best way to gain girth is. I’m talking serious girth gains…I want to gain tons of girth.

I’m only 5 1/4” in girth…right around average. I would like to be at least 6” in girth, if not more. Help a girth-hindered friend out. =)

Do some jelq’s first off, then after a period of time, start hitting some bends and squeezes and so forth. I found that girth gained most for me when i did really heavy work days only like 2-3x a day. But thats me, good luck in your quest, girth is best. I am around 6ish.

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Jelqing gave me good girth AND length gains proportionately. I’d stick with jelqing for at least the first month or so. When I hit the stretches during months three and four, I also gained girth. Hope you achieve the success I did. Good luck.


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girth, girth, girth...

Hey horsehung, I’ve been jelqing for a good 8 months now…gone from 6 3/4” to just under 8” in length, which is considerably bigger in that amount of time, but my girth has only gone from 5” around to 5 1/4” around.

All my gains insofar have been with regular jelqing. I feel that length-wise, I’m long enough (although by no means am I anywhere near stopping as far as gaining length is concerned :D ). My biggest fear is girth, or lack thereof. I’m simply average, and while I would be good “enuff” to please chicks right now, I simply want more…’scuse my french, but I want shitloads of girth!

You’re 7.50” in girth, horsehung…I envy you so much. Give me some of your secrets! Please? :)

Cable Clamps.

Hello Phreakk,

First off:
Welcome to Thunders. You’ve already taken the first step to major girthness by stumbling onto this site. You may be new to the forum but if you have been jelqing for 8 months and have gained 1-1/4” in length and 1/4” in girth you are not exactly a newbe and therefore might be ready to press on to a little more aggressive PE: But before you start with the Ulis and Bends and Horses and all the hardcore girth exercises you will learn about here, do a lot of reading. Read all the sticky threads in the Newbie Forum. Then all in Hangers Forum. Read everything posted by the Vets and big gainers. Read Injuries and treatments so you can see what not to do. Use the search engine to find girth routines:

I have really made some great discoveries here lately in gaining girth. But it’s only fair to warn you doing any heavy girth work early on will slow if not completely stop any more length gains you might have coming. So make sure you are completely satisfied with you length and make sure you have that inch and a quarter cemented before getting started with Cable Clamps and pumps and girth wrapping and all.

Once you are sure you want to concentrate solely on girth go to Hangers Forum and read my thread on gaining girth a flaccid length.
Then proceed with caution.
Good Luck

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I really don’t wanna mess around with hanging though. I’m afraid I’ll get messed up.

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