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Best tunica stretch


An excellent thread with lots of information! All you guys should write more often! Question: When the penis grows larger because of PE and is capable to hold more blood, does this not mean that every part of the penis has grown, including the tunica?

Originally Posted by tomswilski
I believe that the pressure or pump that is responsible for an erection is woefully inadequate and results in a small erection. We cannot improve the horsepower of this pump but we can influence flow characteristics that affect the efficiency of the pump. If we improve the pipelines or widen the vasculature of the penis we can help the pump to increase it efficiency and therefore move more blood to facilitate a larger erection.

The tunica responds differently to girth improvements vs length improvements, however, if we get to cute with either dimension with regard to the tunica we will sustain a injury. I believe length is gained solely through exposing more of the inner penis, our penis works like a power antenna; there are segments that elongate as power/pressure is applied. We have stuck segments, if your power antenna is stuck you use some WD-40 and it loosens the segment and the antenna expands to it’s fullest length. Our penis is stuck in a similar fashion, there are segments that are “stuck” due to inadequate pressure and resistance of connective tissue. If you work on these you can grow your erection to it’s full potential.

Erect bends are foolish because you cannot exert the necessary pressure for deformation without breaking your penis, the physiology just does not respond appropriately under such duress. It’s also foolish because the probability of serious injury is so high and the probability of good results is so low. In my experience (I have tried bends), it is without any merit.

The reason we get increases in size is due to improving blood flow characteristics and weakening tissue that is keeping our erection “stuck.” The CC’s have a great capacity to hold 5x the blood of a deconditioned penis, and as more blood is pushed into the cavities the tunica will expand (if it has not become rigid). This is critical, it is almost impossible to manipulate the penis when it is rigid but when it is in a state of tumescence (soft but filled with blood) this is the best state to work on weakening tissue and improving vascular capacity. This is another reason why erect bends are foolish because you are trying to manipulate a rigid structure, in this condition the penis is in a highly resistant state.

The inner penis telescoping provides an alternative explanation to tunica stretching lengthwise. However, do you really think that more blood flow alone explains the increases in girth in the neighborhood of 2”+ that several people here have achieved? BigGirtha, for example, just about tripled the volume of his dick. It’s not as if people come here with softies that don’t have any blood flow either. I just don’t see any way what you say isn’t in conflict with physics.

Please explain how the very large increases in girth many have witnessed here can be attributed to increased bloodflow alone without restructured/enlarged tunica.

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I just wanted to say that I admire your patience ThunderSS… The short time I have been here I have witnessed quite a few “troll-threads” and crazy size claims and I have read some old ones too. I am seriously starting to actually become upset now when I see this. This troll had my mind spinning for a while and I had no idea that he was a troll and I feel embarrassed now.

Now, can every father at this forum give their kids some extra love, hugs and kisses, so the future thunders place member shows him self as a honest and somewhat confident man. I know I do..

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
The guy is a troll vkn1.

Why? I think it makes sense what he is posting. What is your opinion on that?


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