Best Stretch For Flaccid Hang

I have tried almost every stretch there is for a better flaccid hang. We all want that 5 or 6 in flaccid keeping our thighs company. The best stretch for me may be the most obvious for a better flaccid, that is a BTC stretch. Most beginners will start with the basic up, down, left , right etc but I feel as if the BTC is a little more advance stretch because you can get better leverage in turn resulting in a greater tension on the suspension ligaments . This is just my opinion and what works best for me. And remember if you are a beginner then please don’t make the same mistake I did and pull to hard. You want to first increase the duration of the stretch then the force. This will help keep those newbie gains going and not toughen the tissue too soon. What worked best for your flaccid hang stretch wise? And how long do you hold a stretch for?

(7/1/15): Flaccid Length - 3.50 Flaccid Girth - 3 Erect Length NBP - 6.3 Erect Length BP - 6.75 Erect Girth MS - 5.25

11/1/15: Flaccid Length - 4.60 Flaccid Girth - 4.6 Erect Length NBP - 7.0 Erect Length BP - 7.5 Erect Girth MS - 5.55

12/2/15: Flaccid Length - 4.75 Flaccid Girth - 4.6 Erect Length NBP - 7.4 Erect Length BP - 8.0 Erect Girth MS - 5.80