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Best routine for my goals

Best routine for my goals

Hey guys, I am 7 inches in length (bone pressed) and am wanting to get up to 8.5 bone pressed. My girth is somewhere around 5.75 I believe, because I failed the “paper towel tube test,” where you see if you can fit inside of a paper towel tube, which is supposedly 5.5 inches in girth. I cannot fit my head into the paper towel tube when erect.

Length is my primary concern, even though I know that I am above average already. I have a fat pad over half an inch, and am going to work to reduce that as well to increase my NBPEL. I am not really what you would call obese, but I am 6-1, 220 pounds. I lift weights a lot though, so a fair portion of that is muscle.

Anyways, what is a good routine for increasing length only? I wouldn’t mind adding about .25 inches to my girth, but I don’t want anything over that at the moment, although I can’t say I won’t want to focus on that later. Is stretching the best way to go? Should I still jelq, or just focus mainly on stretching?

I know that gaining 1.5 inches is no easy task, but this is a long term thing for me. I would like to increase to 7.25-7.5 by new years, although I have heard of some gaining faster then that.

Just the usual should do. Low erection jelqing, stretching, and maybe one day hanging or an ADS.

You just should do the newbie routine. Girth exercises gives length gains to some guys, and adversely girth exercises give length gains. Do a basic, balanced routine, and you’ ll learn how your body reacts to different exercises.

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