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Best Position for Kegals

Best Position for Kegals

Dear All,

Kindly advise which position is the best for doing kegals exercises, I mean sitting, standing, lying etc?


Yeah, I think sitting, standing, lying etc. covers it. You could as easily say “any”.

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I don’t think one position would be better than the other? Typically people do them while sitting or laying down as those are times you’d think to do kegals and you can do them while in bed, watching tv or using the computer and such. I’ve honestly never tried doing them standing.

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Trouser and Penis Exercise

After doing penis enlargement newbie routine, penis usually hangs loosely and long, in the case where one has to wear jeans or dress pants during offices timings with underwear from 8am to 6pm, in this case penis traps in the underwear and pants and penis (which just finishes newbie routine) does not have ample space to hang loosely and freely in the pants, so in this case what one has to do in order to get maximum advantage of penis enlargement Exercise? And avoid shrinkage during wearing dress pants/jeans with underwear.

Your expertise in this regard will be welcomed and highly appreciated.

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