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BEST PE enlargement technique


By the way slack and thunderSS you have the most helpful posts of all. I’ve been reading alot in here and the most informative information comes from mainly one of the two of you. Thanks for tips in advance

AHHH sorry again, and I forgot to ask in a previous question.. Is a penimaster or autoextender type of device the same as hanging.. If not what are the differences? Please help me (yet again)

Great, thank you for all your help, I will continue to post and ill be back to let you know my results

I know, I Know, I have read it now, sorry this will be the only thread of this type.. I mean with all the questions that could have been answerd elsewhere. And as soon as I see ANY gains of any type, I plan on making a generous donation to the site. Thank you all so much

I don’t really know if ADSing is as good or better than hanging but I got an Autoextender in April of this year and it is great. I have seen gains from hanging and adsing but most from the 5 moths I have spent on the newbie routine. I have not really tried any new PE will do some tests of the safer ones soon.

8-13-05 6.25 inch bpel (not really bone pressed too much fat for that, just what I can measure) 6 5/8th in pump 5.25 inch eg 8-14-05 6 7/8 inch in pump at same 8-10 hg. 8-19-05 7 inches even in the pump. Going for 8x6 but will be happy with 7x6.

Is the Autoextender considered ADS or Hanging?


The common recommendation is 2-3 months to condition your dick, but if you get gains there is no reason to change your routine until the gains subside. Use your hands to start with - they’re free and you’ll condition your dick in the process. Don’t shell out any money for equipment until you’ve decided that this is for you, and besides by then your dick will be ready for it. Besides, there are plenty of cheaper solutions than a penimaster.

Check out the threads here:
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regards, mgus

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