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Best Method??? HELP!

Best Method??? HELP!


I’m new here and have been reading many posts and learning all sorts of info I am very excited to start my PE experiance. I have seen many post with guys mentioning the great gains they have made while Jelqing with only there hand and no device but I have seen that there are many products for sale as well that can help with a PE program. eg) BIB, Power Jelq etc.

I’m looking for about 2 inches in length and an inch in girth. What methods or products are best? Should I set up a program with only using my hand Jelqing or should I Jelq with my hand and use a BIB Hanger in my program.

Thank you for your time.



I´m just starting myself but from what I have read and learned I´m a believer in a combo between manual stimulation in form of jelqing and some kind of ADS (All Day stretcher).

Jelqing to move the blood around in the penis and help expanding it´s boundaries, you have probably read all that, and it´s good for the circulation. Even doctors who don´t believe in the enlarging part of PE says that jelqing is good to keep the penis in good shape.

Add a ADS to keep the penis stretched and thus possibly help it heal in a larger state after the jelqing and to certainly help to stretch it bigger over time in itself.

Haning is another option that seems promising, but quite time consuming too. That seems to be the biggest, and possibly only, drawback.

And don´t forget to PC!

Best of luck!

Hey wannabe, start with this, after a while you can try something harder.

Newbie Routine

Don´t rush your self,taked slow, the gains will coming, trust me.

and read, read a lot.

improvement my english

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