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Originally Posted by Evergrowing

…I would suggest that you don’t use olive oil or any other products with/or that contains soybean. Soy products increases SHBG thereby lowering your testosterone levels.

A) Soybean oil does not contain phytoestrogens

B) Even if it did, phytoestrogens are ubiquitous and are found in foods like milk and meat as well as many vegetables. While it is true that people who consume large amounts of soy products on a daily basis (not including soy oil and soy sauce) can experience an oestrogenic effect, such amounts are far above what the average westerner consumes.

Originally Posted by Evergrowing
[paraphrase] caffeine lowers testosterone

Source? Reference? Other than from you, above, I’ve never seen this asserted.

Evergrowing, when you make claims like this, please provide references where possible. If no reference is available, please make sure to state that it is your opinion or belief rather than passing it off as accepted fact. Thanks.

(And please, let’s not get into a debate about this. Just remember to reference and/or qualify assertions that could be considered controversial or are not common knowledge.)

Low testosterone levels in men have been linked to increased risk of heart disease, impotence, osteoporosis and depression. Symptoms of low testosterone in men include low sex drive, muscular weakness, fatigue and others.

Traditional testosterone replacement therapy, which involves ingesting or being injected with synthetic testosterone, may pose risks of prostrate cancer, prostrate disease, heart disease and high blood pressure.

So, what about a male testosterone natural replacement?

Except in cases of testicular or glandular dysfunction, a man’s body produces testosterone naturally throughout his life. What concerns most men are symptoms associated with decreased production of testosterone or lower than normal levels of testosterone.

So, how does a male get that testosterone level back up to normal? Is there such a thing as male testosterone natural replacement therapy?

Stress, alcohol consumption, smoking, obesity and a sedentary lifestyle can inhibit the body’s ability to produce testosterone. Using anabolic steroids, like synthetic testosterone, for sports performance enhancement or because of hormone replacement therapy will reduce the body’s production of testosterone.

So, these lifestyle issues can lead to low testosterone in men. To naturally increase the body’s ability to produce testosterone, males should address the mentioned lifestyle issues. This would be step one of a male testosterone natural replacement therapy.

Eating large amounts of fried foods and fatty dairy foods (like whole milk and processed cheese) can lead to obesity which (see above) can lead to low testosterone levels in men or women. Excess caffeine and sugar over stimulate the adrenals and can lead to low testosterone in men or women.

So, a healthy diet is important. Remember to take your vitamins. Zinc is particularly important in testosterone production.…n-Men&id=158882

there was a study done on the effects of caffeine intake on sex hormones in postmenopausal women.

The Science Behind The Effects of Caffiene with Testosterone

Thanks for the references, Evergrowing. The ezine article does not provide a source for the claim, it just says that “caffeine can (may) lead to low testosterone in men…” An unsupported statement in an ezine article=”I read it on the internet”=a scholarly weight of 0.

The fitflex article is quite good. Notice that it provides a clear reference to the study it is drawn from (which happens to be the pdf you included :up: ).

Notice the language:

Originally Posted by Fitflex article
Caffeine may interfere with testosterone activity. Apparently, caffeine increases the liver’s synthesis of a blood protein, called sex- hormone binding globulin (SHBG), that binds to testosterone.

Those qualifiers are important.

And check this:

Originally Posted by Fitflex article
This study did not explain how caffeine increases. In addition, the study subjects were older women, which Immediately raises a red flag. Several years ago, the trace mineral boron was found to increase testosterone levels. It did but only in older women. Subsequent research involving athletes found no testosterone-increasing effect from boron. The same may hold true for this new caffeine study. The side effect may be limited to older women, possibly through an interaction with estrogen, which is known to increase 51186 levels in the liver. Since no reports exist that testosterone activity is reduced in males who are heavy caffeine users, the effect may be limited to older women. Let’s hope so: I’d hate to give up my two morning cups of java!

So it would be misleading from the sources above to give people the impression that caffeine necessarily lowers testosterone in men, and that this is a medical, scientific fact. See what I mean?


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I use Vaseline. It works great.

I use some avocado petroleum jelly that I found at Wallgreens. Seems to work well and smells great.

I heard recently that lotion was not good for lubricant. Is this true, and if so, why?


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