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Best Lube

Best Lube

Hello, I am new to the site and I must say after reading this for about a week, I am amazed at the knowledge presented here. I tried searching for a thread on lubes but I could not locate one on the site. I am just starting to PE and am wondering what would be the best lube to use. I was planning on using Eroset’s Oil to jelq but if there are others that are more beneficial and since I am new to the PE scene, I would be appreciative of any information.

As a side note, thank you to the moderators for approving my registration. I have a family history of prostate cancer and have heard from docs and websites that forms of PE and kegels can help with prostate health so I am happy to have access to information that could help me in the future. Thank you and Merry Christmas to the community.

From another penis PE site, I have read that Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Oil with Added Vitamin E is very good to use because it will also keep your penis healthy. Another good choice is Vaseline Aloe Naturals. Hope this helps.

I use Johnson and Johnson’s baby oil with the added vitamin E, actually just switched over to it recently. Not sure if it is helping my penis health but it sure works good for lube.

I started with skin lotion, but have switched to vitamin E oil. A quarter-size amount lasts well into my 20-minute jelq session. It washes up fairly easily with warm water and soap. I leave the oil on my penis as I do a warm-towel wrap. Feels great!

I did try some massage oil a couple of times. It also had a psychological benefit, in that my wife often uses this to give me hand job. The smell of the oil while I’m jelqing triggers that memory which helps to keep me semi erect during a session.

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