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Best lotion to use as lube

Best lotion to use as lube

Lube is pretty expensive. I would use lotion, but the one I have burns my dick (Vaseline for men). Do any of you guys have experience using lotion as lubricant?

Well instead of making a giant list of lubricant posts, I’m going to recommend just doing a search using the search engine.

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well i searched the titles of threads for “lotion lube” and “lotion lubricant” and nothing came up haha. But I will keep looking.

Personally, I use vaseline because I don’t have to reapply it. There may be some guys that can point you to a good one, but I noticed any of the lotions I used would dry up to fast and I’d find myself having to reapply too often.

How about good old fashioned Di-hydro-monoxide ? (H2O)

Try jelqing in the bathtub.

Old as The Roman empire olive oil

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I don’t think any lotion would be good, seeing as it’s made to absorb into the skin.

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Not lotion. Coconut Oil is wonderful. One dip in the jar is all I need.

I really thought that it was just a movie myth that some guys jack off with lotion. I used it one time and there was NOTHING good about it. It dried up after a few seconds and if you apply too much it just hardens and becomes white chunks. I always used vaseline and vitamin E gels.

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I use Palmers cocoa butter lotion, works pretty good for me.

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Co-sign the olive oil.

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Used olive oil for quite some time. That is really where it’s at. Plus it’s healthy for you. It is a bitch to get off though, you’ll need a shower-or you can just roll around smelling like fresh olives. Don’t use with a condom though. Can you say Daddy? I knew you could.

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…and olive oil lowers bad cholesterol !!!

Aveeno hand lotion works well for me. Use water as needed.

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I use the mystical Palm de Christ…. Caster Oil. its pretty sweet. but like olive oil your best to do your PE in the shower to make clean up easy. (and you stay nice and warm the whole time.)

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