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Best indication of a proper jelq

Best indication of a proper jelq

I have been experimenting with both soft grip and hard grip and I’m not sure which is better. When doing a hard grip I’ve noticed that my glans fills up and I can see it get bigger, while I can’t see this when doing soft grip. However I feel pretty sore after a workout using hard grip and I chafe a little. Do you guys think that the fact that my glans fills up with hard grip is still clear indication that it is the better jelq for me?

I usually go for a harder grip. Not painfully hard, but enough to fill the glans to it’s fullest, giving that pleasant feeling of a real good expansion all over. A softer grip is for me a way to get a good bloodflow. Usually the last 50 jelqs in a session.

I usually go with a medium grip. Half of that is out of a “slow and steady” approach to PE. I don’t want to get too eager and risk damaging myself permanently.

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Jelqing is supposed to put pressure on the corpora cavernosa (CC), the twin erectile tubes of the penis. The glans is not connected to the CC so filling of the glans is not an indication of a “good jelq.” See: 3corpora.jpg

You should squeeze hard enough to feel the blood moving and with enough strength to cause the shaft to get hard in front of your advancing stroke. Some guys find RB’s method gives them more control: RB - Dry Jelq

Thanks for the info. But is the fact that my glans is filling up at least a GOOD sign? Or is it just neutral? I’m a little confused because I’ve always been under the impression that the glans filling up is a very good sign. I don’t get this at ALL when I jelq softly

The glans is the end of a tube that starts inside with the “bulb” of the penis which is surrounded by the bulbospongiosus muscles (known here as the bulbocavernosus - BC, a misnomer). The tube continues up the dorsal (bottom) side of the shaft and surrounds the urethra, the tube that carries urine and semen to the meatus (me-ate’-us) or “pee hole.” It terminates with the glans. Like the corpora cavernosa it fills with blood during an erection, but because the tunica sheath surrounding this tube is incomplete, it does not get as hard as the CC.

If you’re using a circle grip or “OK” grip, you are compressing this tube, called the corpus spongiosum, along with the CC and you’re moving blood toward the glans. Because it is a “weaker” tube moving the blood around in it is fairly easy. It wouldn’t give any indication about the pressure being applied to the CC.

Try the two handed method suggested by RB where the fingertips of the first two fingers on each hand are on the dorsal (bottom) side and the thumbs are on the top. With the “standard” 50-75% erection squeeze your fingers and thumbs together on each side of the penis over the CC and stroke toward the glans. You’ll be applying pressure directly to the CC where it’s needed for growth. Don’t pay any attention to the glans.

It’s called the “dry jelq” method because you use the shaft skin as “lube” to move your fingers up the shaft. If your shaft skin is too tight for that you can use the lubricant of your choice. Also, you don’t have to worry about keeping the base clamped. Move your fingers back to the starting point for each stroke. What counts is that you are moving blood under pressure toward the end of the CC which puts greater than erection level pressure on the CC and helps the tunica expand and grow.

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