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Best Heating Methods?

Best Heating Methods?

Hey guys, I am 3 weeks in to PE, and have constantly read about the importance of proper warmup and technique. I went through many threads searching for a good way to get heat, and it would appear as if moist wraps are the way to go. The heat ideas that I have read so far are warm wraps (doesn’t say how to heat it up, I assumed hot tap water), rice sock, microwave pads, heating pads, and IR lamps.

The rice sock, IR lamps, and microwave pads are impractical for me, and the warm wraps are not consistent (some days tap water is only lukewarm).

My situation is that I can only do PE privately. Do you guys have any recommendations for a method that would cost $20 or less that would work well? I was considering boiling water with wrap, but if there are other ideas I am open. I just don’t feel like hot tap water is enough.

Air activated hand warmers, get a box cheap off ebay. Truly revolutionised my ability to treat my Peyronie’s, and will work amazingly well for warming up.

You can get more than one use out of them if once you’re done warming up, you put it in an air tight ziplock bag and suck all the air out. The lack of air will stop the chemical reaction which is creating the heat, and you can start it up again later.

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You can use water from the tap, or a kettle , a bowl, and two hand towels.

Boiling water? Are you kidding?

I use hands warmers as well, I can’t say how efficient they are though, you leave them on for 2-3 hours but the feeling is not the same as steaming your penis (explained in mem’s rapid gains mechanism). If you can use the shower you can also try to wrap a towel around your penis and continuously pour very hot water on the towel (no need for massive flow) while you massage your penis with your other hand. This feels really nice.

It’s possible that applying heat for a few hours induce different changes than warming up thoroughly for 10 mn, or maybe it’s inferior I don’t know.

Thanks for the suggestions guys. I did some looking around, and I think experimenting with handwarmers, as well as boiling water first instead of tapwater, and a heating pad, might work out. I’ll keep you guys posted in case anyone is interested.

Methods to test:
Handwarmers (maybe)
Boiling water before
Heating pad (122 degrees F)

The only reason why I am trying these is because tapwater isn’t hot enough, and I can’t use baths or fully submerge.

Try hand warmers in conjunction with a wet washcloth. You get a warm continuous heat and moist heat at the same time.

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IF you use them for a long time you sweat which creates moist heat. Also the hands warmers are not hot enough to not put them directly on the skin.

It sounds like pouring water on a warm cloth wrapped around your penis in the shower would still be a possibility.

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