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"Best Fit", Straight vs. Curve

"Best Fit", Straight vs. Curve

Hey, just thought I’d share this.

A while back I heard about how human anatomy contains alot of interesting hidden math in terms of proportions and measurements. So I began thinking about a way of calculating the “ideal length” based on a person’s anatomy and came up with the following:

If you measure the distance between the “blades” of your hips, the resulting distance is known as your diameter. You’ll only need to measure it once, but keep track of it.

Radial Length
This is pretty much what everybody has. The idea is, if you draw a semi circle centered at the base of your shaft that intersects the blades of your hips, your ideal length will be equal to the radius of that circle. My diameter is 10.5”, therefore my radial would be 5.25. I’m 6.5 BPFL, ~6.0 BPEL, so forget that.

The formula for radial is D/2 = R (D = diameter, R = radial).

Equilateral Length
This is what few people have and almost everybody wants. The idea is that if you draw an equilateral triangle whose base spans the blades of your hips and whose zenith rests at an unknown point away from your body, your ideal length will be equal to the height of the triangle (between the base and the zenith.) If you search on Google for “equilateral” and “height” you’ll get a better idea of this. Based on my diameter, my equilateral would be around 9-3/32”. I’m not going to be picky over 3/32”, so my goal is 9 flat.

The formula for equilateral is [D(Sqr(3))] / 2 = E (E = equilateral).

For those that are rusty on Algebra, thats the product of D times the square root of three divided by two.

That’s the super nerdy way to find your ideal length. If your equilateral is unattainable within a standard lifetime, try an average of R and E instead. I haven’t developed anything for girth, but an EG or mushroom of two times PI wouldn’t be too bad.

Alright, now I have a question about straight shafts versus curved ones.
Is there an advantage to having a straight shaft? Does it have some stimulating effect that a curve lacks? Is it just a side effect that’s hard to avoid? I’d like to preserve my curve if possible because you just don’t have any range of friction without it — and you need range to do it right.

Just curious.


The advantage of a straight shaft, judging from my experiences as the owner of a curved unit, is that it’s less likely to cause discomfort in women. If you’re going in pretty deep, any substantial curve can hit some sore spots if you’re at the wrong angle.

Then again, by the same token, if you’re at the right angle (e.g., missionary with an upwards curve, or doggystyle with a downwards curve), a curve can be a big plus — can scratch some hard-to-reach “itches” inside a woman.

In the end, the only good solution is to grow a second penis — a straight one — to complement your curved unit.

… or a prehensile penis!

If girth is king, why the hell does everyone keep talking about length?

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