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Best exercises for the 'underside' of the penis.

Best exercises for the 'underside' of the penis.

I’m not sure how to describe, but look at your penis from above, and I’m basically referring to the side that points to the floor, when you have an erection. On a cylinder it’s tricky to describe, but hopefully you see which ‘side’ I mean. Anyhow, I always find when stretching, that particular area is the toughest to get a tug on, particularly when pulling up. I have a slightly shorter ‘side’ on that part of my penis, which severely limits my BPEL in comparison to my other sides, whilst limiting malleable leverage when doing PE. Are there any decent exercises for this particular region of the penis, and does anyone know how/why it can be defined?



I know a exercise for this. PM later to remind me to post a picture of the exercise, ok?

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You want girth or length?

For length I’m guessing Fulcrum Stretching might work for what you’re after.

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