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Best excercise for a grower

Best excercise for a grower

I’m a grower, I don’t know how extreme, but the penis actually shrivels in when I’m not erect..

When I am erect it gets to 5 or 6 “

What would be the best excercise to do to gain more FL?
IS stretching out the picture since I would only be able to do that when erect?

I’m tired of waiting till I’m erect then letting my lady friend play with it if you know what I mean

Fowfers are good for flaccid length but regardless of what size your flaccid is, you should stretch when it is in that state. Stretching when erect is not recommended and you will not see much progress from it.

Stretching an erect penis is like stretching a flexed muscle, it barely works if at all.

Started: 4/09 5.5" EL - 4.6" EG

Current: 6.18" EL - 5" EG

Long Term Goal: 7.5 EL 5.75 EG BIGGER STRONGER BETTER!

I am the same exact way. What worked best for me was the jes extender I got a deal for it on eBay. Those PE devices are all the same basically get the cheapest. Wear it for at least 2 week and you’ll see a big improvement on flaccid length. Pills do the same thing but you get aroused a lot quicker.

Also sadly if you stop using it, your gains will go away. With the extenders it’s hard (at least in my case) to cement flaccid gains.

sfldg, do not stretch when erect! If your flaccid is shriveled then you probably have not warmed up yet. If you do not warm up your ligaments will be tight making it more difficult to get a good stretch. You run a higher risk of injury without warming up. Your flaccid will hang better when you warm up which will give you more meat to pull. The benefits of warming up before your routine are many.

In my brief experience with PE jelqing and then wearing a cock ring after gives the greatest flaccid hang. Pumping leaves some residual bulk in my flaccid as well.

Get an accurate measurement of your erect length by measuring across the top of the shaft from your pubic bone to the tip of your penis. This is absolutely necessary so that you can chart your progress as you PE. You will need to know what you started with to know if your routine is working or not, it’s only common sense.

My friend, do yourself a big favor and spend some time going through the newbie introduction :!: HERE :!: . You have the motivation to make gains. I know what you mean, many of us would like to be the proud owners of a hulking flaccid to show off in front of our lady friends. Take your time, though. Your lady friend is not going to want to play with a mangled piece of meat.

2018 natural size: 7.25” x 6.75”

2028 goal size: 10.25” x 7.25”

Plan: thousands of hours in the X4 extender + manual stretches

Tips for securing gains, grow your inner cock, so that way, each erection will expand the penis.

Short Term Goal. 7.5 NBPEL. 5.5 EG. Long Term Goal 8.25 NBPEL 6.25 EG July 09 6.9NBPEL EG 5.2 August 09 7.1-7.2NBPEL 5.25 EG . October 7.1-7.25NBPEL, 5.25 EG Started at 6.5NBPEL, 4.6 EG

(Insert exceptional quote here) :P

As you can tell by my name, this was the main reason I started PE.

In my personal experience (which is extensive), I found that the chances are you can make pretty big change in your flaccid. What worked best for me was:

1.) fowfers!!
2.) Piss pulls (including circular ones) **note, I think too much manual stretching can have a temporary negative effect on EQ so i generally cycle on and off)
3.) Drinking lots of water (don’t underestimate this one)
4.) Doing a manual clamp (and shaking it a little) after each jelqing session.

Best of luck!

Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is GROW

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