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Best clean up

Best clean up

Out of the baby oil gel and olive oil which has the best clean up, and the best way to clean up other taking a shower

Which one is most likely to cause pimples.

Don’t use any is the best clean up!

cleaning up


Hi there are so many thing that can be used and clean up good, I use Jergens Lotion myself for Jelqing. It clean up good with little or no trouble.

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I think the key for cleanup of oil-based lubes is to get most of it off of your skin with paper towels before hitting it with soap and water.

I use A+D ointment or Vaseline pretty regularly, and trying to wash up without using a towel or paper towel first is a futile task. =)

That said, hand lotion (like Cclark’s Jergen’s) is a much easier cleanup as they are mostly comprised of water.

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Baby oil - if mineral based - will likely be more difficult. Canolabased baby oil should come off easier.

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