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Best approach to gain 1" BPEL and 1" FG

Best approach to gain 1" BPEL and 1" FG

I have done stealth PE off and on for the last year and a half and have grown from 6 to 6.7 inch BPEL and 4.25 to 4.7 EG. The quality of my erections and sex life has improved. I would have done more PE, except for my stressful job. Good news: Now I am 57 and will go into partial retirement, so I’m anticipating more a consistent time of PE in the next 6 months. Because of comments made by many women that they prefer that penis size stay below 8 inches to avoid banging the cervix, my target is 7.75” BPEL and 6” EG. My routine now includes a hot towel warm up, stretches, a 20 minute session with a jelq device, 10 minutes of slide blasters and mega pumps for girth, and some PC work where I try to lift my penis against the palm of my hand. I also occasionally use an elastic band all-day stretcher.

QUESTION: Should I try to do anything else to expedite gains, such as mixing pumping with jelquing? Or am I being silly since I only want another inch. Should I aim more for length until I reach say 7.5” BPEL? Are there any other stretching devices that will help? Any favorite girth routines?

Your thread title is mind-boggling. Sorry I can’t be more helpful than that.

Best way to gain 1 inch

I used the quote symbol on the keyboard instead of spelling it out.

You should never change what is working. Nobody can answer to your title question.

I don’t think you’re silly at all. I guess we all want to reach our goals as fast as possible, but it seems that consistency and patience is the key to PE success.

Just be aware not to overdo it, if you add pumping to you PE routine. Even more so, as this is a non manual exercise and these are much easier to overdo if you are not careful to listen to yourself.

Good luck and good gains!

I have read a couple incidents of length gains with the desk-stretcher, ads style device over a constantly warm rice-sock. I just began this method myself, as it is something that contributes but does not interfere with other work.

Progress Thread - I assure you, I'm growing.

Maybe try incorporating a good ADS into your routine, since you will have more time on your hands. I want to try it to, but I’m just a little fearful of walking around all day. Extenders seem to have the best track record from what I’ve read.

Adding to hopeful, I’m young (20 y.o.) and the ADS has given me great beginner gains. They say PE is harder if you’re young, so I’m sure you could get something good out of using one.

Starting: 5.9" BPEL x 4.0" EG

Currently: 6.5" BPEL x ? EG (saving measurement for 1" BPEL gain milestone!)

Goals: 8"x6" (of course)

I would say just take your time and don’t set yourself back with an injury.

A special thanks to buttonbuck

Originally Posted by mfizz3tn
Should I try to do anything else to expedite gains, such as mixing pumping with jelquing? Or am I being silly since I only want another inch.

Many guys never gain even one inch. If you’re being silly for any reason (and I’m not saying you are), it’s for thinking 1” is a small and/or easy amount of length to gain.

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