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Best alternative to rice sock

Best alternative to rice sock

? But something that doesn’t need to be put in the microwave? Or something discreet enough that you can safely use the microwave without concern for privacy.

The best alternative is warm water. So you have to perform PE in the bath.

Other good alternatives are:

- IR lamp
- electric heating pad

In my opinion warm water is the best. Really can’t find something better.

Hot Pads With TheraBeads

I tried it all and this product KICKS ASS!

The difference between it and those mentioned by scarsick is that they provide moist heat which is proven to penetrate the skin in the deepest way possible.

I ordered mine from Monty, a well respected forum member.

You can find his site here:


Hard work pays off:

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2011-05-12 BPEL 8.100 EG: 5.500 NBPFL: 6.000 Total Volume: 19.8

Best alternative to rice sox? A warm pussy. Preferably one with a slight infection because they are a little warmer.

Always be cool.

Now BPEL 7.75 EG 5.80 Goals for 2013 improved E Quality + BPEL 8.25 6.0 EG Long term goals, 8.75

An IR desk lamp.

Remember that the majority of guys using rice socks, either homemade or commercial versions, are not putting them on their junk. Get the people that you live with used to the idea that you use one on your neck.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

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