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Best accurate way to measure, Problems, Abnormality

Best accurate way to measure, Problems, Abnormality

Okay guys I have read a lot.. Some say to press to the pelvic bone and measure the length that way with a ruler. And some guys say measure length on the under side from the balls up? I just noticed my penis is abnormal from most you guys. I noticed when I saw a guy comparing his penis with an object. SO I got curious and was going to do it and see how I compared. Well I notice from the underside my balls are eating my penis. My scrotum is covering most of the base and up the shaft and when my balls are saggy I can stretch my sack pretty far. Does that make my penis less? Or does it not matter. Like downward facing it looks fine. Just not the underside.. My dick looks like its suppose to fly ha ha or dive in water.

Can I fix this? Or is it just normal. I never thought about it.. ha ha

And it makes it hard to jelq because my sack is being tugged too.. Its weird I know. To get a grip for other PE I am grabbing the base of my dick and my sack.. Anyone else have this problem and over come it.. If I tug my balls down more will it help.. Because my balls done really hang much is that why?

You’ll pretty much never get a consistent measurement if you measure the under side of your penis. Measure along the top pushed into the pubic bone. (BPEL) That’ll give you the most consistent measurement. Also measure under the same conditions each time. Same days since last workout, same ruler, same time of day etc.

Some guy’s balls just seem to ride high and forward. Not sure what to do except maybe try a ball strap to keep your testicles out of the way.

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Hey mate,
Measure normal not hard mode:)
Rest like above.

Got same balls thing. When i was jelqing with OK grip used to do that when one hand was mid shaft way other one with ok grip pushing to pelvic bone. Made it easier.
Now I’m giving a knuckle grip and it sorts the thing.
I take it as not problem rather that we are special.

I like that response.. Very positive cool

Should we push in at the base as close to the shaft as possible or should we push in where the pubic bone protrudes the most?

With the ruler against the top of your penis. As close to the shaft as possible. That will help assure consistency.

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