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Bent Penis

Bent Penis

Hey there,

I have a bent penis. It bends visibly to the left. I have not always had it and I know that it is caused by scar tissue on one side. That scar tissue doesn’t go erect, so the right side of my penis is longer than the other. I wondered how PE could help me. How about stretching only the left side to make it as long as the right side? It is possible? Please only reply if you know what you are talking about. I really need help on this things because it really annoys me.

Thank you


Yes, stretching the left side more than the right should help somewhat, although many guys with a bend like yours have found, unfortunately, that PE did not dramatically alter their penis shape. My bend to the left has not disappeared through PE, even while I have gained over an inch of length.

Now — how to “stretch only the left side.” I would suggest that, as you begin PE, you simply follow a normal beginner’s routine of stretching and jelqing. Because the left side is shorter than the right, it will bear the bulk of a straight-out stretch of the penis, until it is as long as the right side. That’s how it ought to work in theory, anyway :) . Let us know how things develop over time, and good luck to you.

You may want to take a look here once you get used to a newbie routine and want to try more specific bend-correction exercises: - Curved Penis video exercises

Same here, don’t got a scar though. I’ll also let you know if I see any progress in making my penis more straight.

I think it’s some sort of diesease….or medical condition it starts with a ‘P’.

T.Dog - Yeah, it may be Peyronies

Thanks for your replies guys. I really appreciate!

Awesome link Para-Gooma. That has a lot of info that is useful even if you don’t have peyronies!


I don’t have any scar tissue but when I was young like 3, I masturbated alot, (while I was still grwing and developing) and only on the left side. So now my left side bends to the right. Not alot, but I’m stretching left to try to fix it.

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