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Bends towards the left

Bends towards the left

I’m new here and these are some of my starting measurements
Girth: 5.5”
Erect Length: 5” left side and 6.5” on the rightside - I BEND TO THE LEFT. I’m 40 yrs old, and this “bend” has never been a problem - I just want to see if I can “straighten out”.

Since I bend to the left, it seems I could focus on length gains for the shorter, left side. I have a starter bib that I’ve been using every day for the past couple weeks, so I’m starting to get familiar with everything..

Here’s my question: Does anyone have any suggestions to help me add length to the shorter left side?

Have you always had this bend?

You should jelq strait out with your left hand and jelq to the right with your right hand. You could even just go entirely to the right.

Good luck

Yes, always had this bend and thanx for sharing what you know..

Also to clarify “where” the limiting factor is.If I do an OK Grip and pull - the top left corner is the only area that gets tight. After hanging alot, the left “lig” area is the most sore - I just hope the entire left side from head to “lig” is getting stretched evenly. Bigger assured me an even stretch when I got the starter bib - his word is good enough for me.

Pretty much anything I do.the left side gets the stretch. The right side gets nothing and I don’t want it to get anything!! I need the left side to catch up.

How about readjusting your underware?

It might be a complete wives tale, but many people blame their curves and hangs on how they position themselves down below. Perhaps you arrange yourself to the left, when it might be useful to swing it to the right. I would get a more experienced member to verify this!

In the mean time though, apparently vaginas aren’t straight either, so having a curve can increase all that friction and passion. Again, verify this, as women are not my area of expertise either! :P

It’s ironic you say that Stud42 - since I started hanging a few weeks ago, I’ve been more “aware” and for the last week I’ve kept myself arranged to the right.

Also, my wife hasn’t had problems with the curve and she appearently doesn’t care about changing it. She makes comments like - I wish you’d stop doing that (hanging). But I know her and I’m sure she wouldn’t object to more girth as a luxury. I hope once I get this straightened out that we don’t loose something “good”.

Didn’t know about girls not being straight inside. I’d bet my wife’s isn’t after 14 years with me.

Again - I need to gain 1.5 inches on my left side only in order to staighten out.

When I hang straight down - it is my left lig area that feels the strain (sore). I’d FEEL better (not really knowing what I’m doing yet) if my entire left side from head to ligs were sore. So I THINK my goal is to make the (left side) tunica sore.

So I’ve read where if I want to hang and stretch the tunica then I’d have to hang straight out or over the shoulder. Is this correct?

Ok so I started focusing on that a couple days ago but a questions I have is - Can I hang straight up or straight out while lying down somehow? Or can I only do this sitting or standing? (Over the shoulder).

How do I hang straight out? I have this step ladder that I hang the weight over and it allows me to hang straight outwards, but is there another way?

SO, SD, SU stretching… It usually helps after a while in getting a straighter penis.

It’s pure physics - if you pull a curved cock out, more pressure will be applied on the side of the curvature.

After a while, the angle of the curve should decrease IMO.

SU stretching is done over the shoulder right?
SD stretching is done by hanging straight down right?

SO stretching is done how?

No no no. Not hanging - simple manual stretching.

SU - you use the OK grip and stretch it upwards.
SD - you use the reverse OK grip to stretch it downwards.
SO - you use either the OK or reverse OK grip to stretch outwards.

No hanging needed.

When I began PE in december of last year I had a decidedly curved dick. Now it is so straight my wife uses it to hang pictures.

But seriously, PE will straighten your curve over time.

A-unit - did you really have a curve or were you just joking? If yes, how often did you PE (how long/frequent sessions?)

I really did have a curve to my left which, while it never bothered me or any woman I had been with, was pronounced enough for it to be a surprise when PE made it go away.

I have PEd five days a week since december `09 using manual stretches and a mechanical stretcher I built myself.

I use the stretcher for half an hour at a time in a hot bath.

My post “wild tunica stretch” goes into details.

Began December 2009 at 5 7/8" length and 5" girth.

As of December 5th 2012 7 3/8" BPEL and 6 1/8" base girth.

Going for the magic 8"x6"

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