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Being sick can cause erection problems

Being sick can cause erection problems

I’ve gotten a mild case of the common cold and I was just wondering if it can cause my erections to suffer?

I normally get good morning wood and erections without a problem but lately my morning wood has turned into semi-erections and I really gotta kegel to make my dick hard. My PE routine hasn’t changed at all or very much. If anything I have been lacking lately.

I remember a couple of months ago when I was VERY sick I had the same problem.

Is this just me or does anyone else also experience this?

Also I know this subject as be discussed to death but should I not practice PE right now. (In my current situation)

Oh it definitely can. If I’m feeling really sick, sex or erections are one of the last things my body is interested in. I think this is normal.

I agree. I also notice when I’m sick my flaccid length is quite less then normal.

Hmm makes me feel better I’m not alone.

So this raises an interesting question: Should one take this time off while sick or Could one still benefit from PE during this time.

As of right now I too have the cold and EQ is lacking. Advice? I really don’t like taking a break from PE.

jellybely, you’re not alone for sure!

To PE, or not PE while sick? I think the body is a strongly interconnected system. If it’s sick, it has other priorities and I guess PE will have little/no effect… Better have a break and heal first!

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