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Being grateful and thankful.

Being grateful and thankful.

I have decided to withhold from measuring for a whole month. I made it 13 days. Lol! I just cant seem to stay away from the damn ruler! I have been PEing now for one year this month. I gained a half an inch in length in the first 3 months, but I have been stalled since. So I decided to make some drastic changes in my routine, and decided not to measure for a month. Not wanting to get into my routine as of now, because I have decided to wait a month, and then do a report on it If I gain. You can read a little about it in my “Less is More, or , More is More” thread.

I have been up to about 6.75 in length, but always seem to come back down to 6 5/8ths. Well I measured and I was at 6 7/8! That’s the first time that I have ever been up over 6.75! So it seems as if I am growing again! I cant wait till the end of the month…I will report then.

The point of this thread is; After measuring I was pretty excited. So I put the ruler away, sat there a minute in a moment of reflection and excited bliss, then stood up to pull up my pants. I looked down at my cock to see that the erection was fading. Then I had an idea…I pulled out the ruler again and measured. I measured my exact beginning size of 6.25 inches long. Wow! It looked SO small to me! I then realized while I looked at the ruler next to my dick, just how much a half an inch really is. It doesn’t seem like much, but it is. While I gained I could never really visualize the difference. To me my cock didn’t look any different, any bigger.

I have been getting SO discouraged because I have not gained in so long. I have been VERY dedicated and diligent in my PE routines. I have spent entirely TOO much time on Thunders, studying my ass off and learning. It was well worth it! I just want to say how grateful I am for that half inch. I hope there is more to come, but a half an inch is nothing to sneeze at!

Well how has this affected my sex life? Honestly there has been negatives and positives. Here’s the negative; Certain positions are now uncomfortable to my girlfriend, and I have had to change the way we have sex a little. I can no longer just pound away like I used to. One of the main reasons that I chose to measure early is because I have started to notice this more so just this last week. The positives; She has commented on how big I feel! She has always been up front with me and said that she prefers a larger dick. She stated that her orgasms seem to be getting stronger and more satisfying. She also seems to be cumming more easily and often. So the negative can be dealt with by changing how we have sex, but the positives…that’s what I was after baby!

So again…I am just grateful. I am also very thankful to Thunders and its awesome community. I will be donating soon! And I also want to say; just because you have not gained in a long time, does not mean that your at your limit. Don’t give up!

I’m having a similar experience right now. It seems I’ve made little to no progress in these last two months after gaining .8 inches in 6 months. I’m curious though, you said you changed up your routine drastically and still saw little to no results or were you saying you are currently starting to change it up? At only 5.8”, I hope to gain at least another inch over the next couple of years.

Congrats man! Be sure to update your PE stats when you do measure!

I have made changes in the past, but Im am making the most dramatic changes now.

Oh I will definately update my stats if I gain! :-)

Congrats man!

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

I’ve only been doing it for a few weeks but already feel like the sex is getting better. My wife hasn’t said anything about it - whether it feels bigger or not - yet, but I can’t wait to hear it.

Congrats on the new gains. I guess there’s always hope.

James00… I just wanted to ad that I have been waiting and looking SO forward to updating my stats with progress!!!


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