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I’ve noticed a lot of people on here are shooting for 8x6. This seems a little excessive to me if what one is going for is the ability to offer ideal female pleasure. I’ve found myself doing a lot of reading on penis size and it seems that 8x6 would not be too desirable for the majority of women. The most popular dildo on amazon is 6.75 x 5” (which is what I am starting with).

My question here is do most men on this site do PE for their own sense of satisfaction rather than something practical / for women? Is it hard to stop PE once you see results and they continue to come? What would a seasoned veteran say if someone doing PE strictly wants the best penis suited for sex with the average woman (maybe slightly on the bigger side). I feel like 7.5 x 5.5 is a measurement I may not want to ever exceed. Thoughts?

I’ve begun the simple beginner’s routine and after 2 weeks have noticed a .125” girth increase and a .25” length increase. It seems this is called a newbie gain, but I am pleased. I am looking to establish a goal that fits with what I want from my penis—-one that is ideal for heterosexual sex (in the most typical case). I realize this answer is subjective, but would like to hear what people’s opinions are. I really just do not want a penis woman are scared of. I also do not want the one I have now, which is always referred to as “perfect”. I realize this sounds odd to say, but I do not think a “perfect” penis is actually ideal in the eyes of the definer and may just be a bit of a placation.

Since starting PE I noticed my wife enjoyed the act of sex more but wasn’t really having more orgasms. I noticed recently she has been shying away from sex from behind, which is something I got good with as far as stamina and vigor is concerned. I just measured at 6.75” BPEL recently.

I think with a little more care she can adjust. Especially since I want more. She does not know I am PEing, or if she suspects anything she doesn’t let on.

I have 7 x 6 but do want greater length


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