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Beginnerquestions: PE PeniMaster

Beginnerquestions: PE PeniMaster

Hi PEers,

I’m new into that PEing and I’m really glad that I found this page. :)
Ok, my plan is to do the noobyplan for the recommended 1-2 months.
But I also have a PeniMaster and I am trying to wear it at least 2 hours per day.

Now my question:

Is the Penimaster actually good?
I am just wondering, because some people do hanging and have about 15lbs on their dick?!
The PeniMaster only creates a tension about 2lbs(?).
So what do you think?
Maybe some of you people have experienced the PM.

My 2nd question would be about those kegels.
A long time ago I’ve red about Kegels and practicing the PC ( which is wrong muscle, I know )
They said that the balls would lift if tension is created on the muscle (PC ).
Is it the same with the BC? How can I see that I am creating tension at the right spot?
Can I feel it when I grab the glance?

And something offtopic: When can I post into the Members area? After 10-20 Posts? Didnt find any hints about that.

Ok, that’s it for now.

Happy gainings,


START: '09/Nov BPEL= 6,3" & EG= 4,3"

GOAL: BPEL= 7,5" & EG= 5"

You can post anywhere now. But you can only start threads in the Newbie Forum until you have 30 posts and 14 days of membership.

Check the Review Forum for info on the Penimaster. I think there is also a large thread about it in the Main Member Forum.

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Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

Gracias =)

START: '09/Nov BPEL= 6,3" & EG= 4,3"

GOAL: BPEL= 7,5" & EG= 5"

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